Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Statistics Don't Lie....The Perfect Blow Job Revisited

If you think this post is about sex, get your mind out of the gutter!!

Several months ago, I posted about my hair person, Nelly. She excels in blowdrying any type of hair and is probably the most proficient person I have ever encountered with a flat iron. All of the people I have turned on to Nelly are so thankful and are also hooked on her skills and their great looking hair.

Getting to the point, the title to my post regarding Nelly was entitled "the perfect blowjob". According to my Stat Counter, besides the home page, this post is the most popular of all of my posts on this blog. Men from all over the world including England, France, Egypt, Australia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Denmark and from many states all over the US have googled the phrase "blow job" and have landed on my page. I am sure that they are sorely disappointed when they discover that I am talking about getting my hair blown dry. Ha ha!

This leads me to confirm my belief that men all over the world are sex obsessed 24/7. This is all they think about day and night. And I would venture to guess that this will be the second most popular post on my blog. Statistics don't lie!

UPDATE: July 16, 2pm. The first person who google searched for "blow job" is from Saudi Arabia. That's right: treat your women like second class citizens hidden under their burkas and get off by surfing the net. I am officially nauseated!! Cougar.

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