Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nene Leakes Charms Morning Television Audience on the Today Show

This morning Nene Leakes appeared on the 10:00 hour of the Today Show with Hoda Kotbe. She sported a plum dress, chandelier earrings, a sassy summer hairstyle and, of course, her smile. She was very natural, charming and down to earth and eased her stage fright by sipping on a margarita from her favorite Mexican restaurant Cinco's, in Duluth, Georgia.
Other highlights of the show:
  • Nene is writing a book entitled "Never Make The Same Mistake Twice which will hit the stores in August.
  • She was accompanied by her husband, Greg and her son, Brandon.
  • According to Nene, the RHOA is still the highest rated of the Housewives shows.
  • Nene is a germaphobe.
  • Nene has 3 close girlfriends and "lots of associates".
The premiere of Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is on Tuesday, July 28th at 10pm. I look forward to another fabulous season!! Bring it on.
Here is the link to check out the show: