Monday, June 30, 2008

Migraine Headache

I suffer from the occasional migraine headache. Today is one of those days. For those of you who have had the misfortune of having a migraine, you know that a dark cool room with no noise is the place to be. Unfortunately, I have 2 people in the office on vacation and I have to close out our month and quarter and prepare this week's payroll. Ah, the joys of small business ownership. This sucks!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Flame is Simply Irresistible!

The Flame has the busiest days of his business year today and tomorrow. He still has no desk in his office. He came by for some aspirin and I gave him a glass top table and desk chair to use until he gets some furniture....I guess he is getting new furniture. The chair he has in his office is dilapidated. He acts like a fratboy bachelor when it comes to his personal office. It is pretty amusing.

The Flame has a way of engaging everyone. He has a great personality which makes him very very successful in his career and simply irrestistible. I know he is a playa and a bad boy, my favorite mistake. I am in lust but trying to stay composed and somewhat flighty. Men of all ages love the thrill of the chase and I would like this to be a long, elaborate chase.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

H & M Finally Opens in Atlantic Station in Atlanta

As the saying goes, everything is slower in the South....and so it goes for H & M. The Swedish retail fashion store finally opened its doors in Atlantic Station. If you are not familiar with H & M, it is a great place for what I call "disposable clothing". H & M mass produces copies of designer trendy clothing at very very reasonable prices. I call it disposable because at the end of the season, you don't mind if the item falls have gotten your money's worth. Moreover, as many of the clothing items are uber trendy, you may tire of the trend after one season.

Also, designers such as Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli and Karl Lagerfeld has collaborated with H&M on clothing and these items sell out as soon as they hit the floor.

H & M Atlantic Station is quite large. It is well merchandised and has alot of clothing and accessories including shoes, handbags, costume jewelry and lingerie. They have a huge jeans department on the second floor.

I definitely recommend that you check out H&M especially if you have never been to the store in another city. As I am on a budget, I actually left without buying a thing! May wonders never cease.

Happy Hour with the Flame

Good things come to those who wait. The Flame finally appeared at the office today and stopped by to see if I was having a happy hour. Ofcourse I gladly obliged. I served my favorite, Norton Malbec, with sesame flax seed chips and spinach artichoke dip. We have so many things in common and the conversation flowed smoothly.

He is in the midst of the busiest few days in his industry and had to get back to the office. As I walked him to the front door of the office, he gave me a hug and held my hand. I am definitely smitten. Let's see what happens next.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What kind of cougar are you?

The following is borrowed from

What do you think it takes to be a cougar?

To be a cougar it takes, charm, charisma and class and definitely self confidence. I think a cougar should take care of herself every single day – to look as hot as she can on a constant basis, and be open minded, and willing to play in many different ways and on many different levels. Cougars need to be spontaneous and take charge, but be willing to take the back seat ; )

Cougar Classifications:
Phylum: Felinae Generalus
Common name: Cougar
The cougar comes in many forms (as will be discussed below), but each stems from the Felinae Generalus, the older woman, typically early thirties to mid-forties, who has abandoned traditional rules of romantic engagement and taken as her mission the seduction of as many game young men as she can possibly handle.
She comes from all over the world, in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and she follows without question the Cougar Rules.
She's beautiful in her contempt for outdated values, and we love her.
God, do we love her.

Species: Rolls-Royce
Rich, good-looking, and extremely hard to hunt. She's a genuine woman of the world. Traditionally heiresses, they are today also often high-powered executives, doctors, lawyers, and divorcees from men of any of the aforementioned professions.
They live large and are much more discerning about their prey then any of their fellow cougs.

Genus: Felinae Americanus
Common name: North American Cougar
The North American Cougar is a fast-growing breed of cougar. Not afraid to test common Puritan stereotypes, they are firm believers in the equality of the sexes. And because America is the land of opportunity, they're finding that their advances are not long in coming.

Species: Cadillac
Almost the Rolls Royce, but distinctly American and not quite as picky. Big engine, questionable styling. Not unusual to see them in tight pink belly-shits with Bitch scrawled across the front in rhinestones. She was a slut in high school.

Species: Trans Am
80's style coug. Always smoking cigs, wearing stone washed jeans, lots of cleavage, frequently seen at the bars on Mondays and Tuesdays. Not to be mistaken with the Coyote.

Species: Taurus
Like the automobile, they are everywhere. No one trait can categorize them. Approach them as you would a rental car.

Species: The Maple Leaf
A citizen of our neighbor to the north, The Maple Leaf is a Canadian Cougar and looking for warmer climates. If you're lucky, she's of the Pamela Anderson variety. But you're probably not that lucky.
Warning: She probably likes Rush!

Genus: Felinae Europa
Common name: European Cougar
(also known as der Puma)
The European Cougar is just that: European. Cultured, sultry and intelligent, the European Cougar has had the advantage of growing up in a more enlightened world, and she's looking to export that enlightenment to less developed cultures around the world, particularly to the brutish United States. She's distinguished by her angular good looks, impeccable fashion sense and imperfect English.

Species: Ferrari
The only car breed comparable to the Rolls Royce. She's faster, sleeker and more dedicated to life in the fast lane. The Ferrari usually speaks with a seductive accent, sometimes Italian, sometimes Spanish. She's prone to breaking down, however, and few models have lasting value. But if you do find that rare Spyder, hold on to her.

Species: Mercedes
Maybe a little expensive, but trustworthy with a fair amount of bells and whistles. Note: she's a professional woman and susceptible to young, un-ambitious "bad boys."

Species: Volkswagen
Like the Taurus and Toyota, another fairly common breed. But the Volkswagen has better styling and is much faster when she gets into some hot action.

Species: The Ruskie (formerly The Spy)
These lovely ladies fled the former Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc nations as fast as they could and to the benefit of all North American cougar hunters. Arriving in America from exotic locales like Russia, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Ukraine, they ended up in equally exotic American locales like The Crazy Horse Too, Glitter Gulch, and Olympic Gardens. Ruskies are distinguished by their blonde hair, small frames, large fake breasts and poor grasp of the English language. An unfortunate drawback to this species is their continuing interest to be domesticated. Hey, Stalin's dead, ladies. We love you. Let's move on. (see also CIT)

Species: The Viking
The beauty of Scandinavian women is well-documented, and, unlike many stereotypes, the reports here are 100% true. This species of cougar is super hot in a blonde hair, big breast kind of way.
Traditionally, Scandinavian cougars are welcome hunters of young American men, but current American foreign policy has left many Vikings, a particularly political breed, turned off to U.S. visitors. We expect this trend to dissipate, however, and for Vikings to embrace again their favored prey.

Genus: Felinae Orientalis
Common name: Oriental Cougar
(also known as The Bengal)
Because of cultural differences, the Oriental Cougar is less empowered than most urban cougars. She's trying to break down thousands of years of subjugation. But she's waging a hell of a war, and as supporters of cougar liberation the world round, we're doing everything we can to help her out.

Species: Lexus
Certainly not a Rolls-Royce, and not quite a Mercedes, but there's no question she'll take care of you. And then some.

Species: Toyota
Like America's Taurus, a fairly ubiquitous breed of Asian cougar. But you can get a lot more mileage out of her, and she won't break down.

Species: The Geisha
Actual Geishas don't really exist any longer, but their tendencies do. The Geisha is a subservient breed of cougar, and, as a result, a species that doesn't totally subscribe to the whole Cougar ethic. She's more interested in pleasing you, than she is in pleasing herself. Not a bad thing necessarily, but, if you're looking for a take-charge, more Euro-American style cougar, look elsewhere.

Species: The Concubine
An especially good target for the cougar hunter who got married too young. The concubine is satisfied with being had on the side. Beware of her binded feet, however. Species: The Bangkok A truer name never has there been. She'll cost you money, but not much. (More a CIT, than actual cougar).

Genus: Felinae Latina
Common name: Latin Cougar
The Latin Cougar may perhaps be the most inviting of all the cultural breeds. She's Latin, for chrissakes. They love wearing next-to-nothing, dancing super close, and they've got accents that turn most hunters into cowering children.

Genus: Felinae Africanus
Common name: African Cougar
Today little is known about the African Cougar mainly because Africa is such an undiscovered land. There is no question that the women there can be as alluring as the beautiful landscapes they inhabit.

Genus: Felinae Extraordinarius
Common name: Specialty Cougar
(also, Cougar Especial)
Species: Sabre-tooth
Thought to be extinct, the Sabre-tooth is the most seductive and dangerous of all cougars. With her sleek coat and sharp teeth, this species is the most blood-thirsty of all cougars. Rarely does her prey survive.

Species: Snow Cougar
These elusive cougars roam snow-capped mountains. Their hunting grounds are the plush apr├Ęs ski lounges and bars of mountain resort towns. Rare to just this breed, they can be seen wearing the fur of other animals.

Species: Coyote
The Coyote hunts outside most urban jungles; she is the requisite wild beast scavenging through garbage cans at campgrounds and can be found scouting trailer parks, bouncing from house boat to house boat, and slinking around dive bars in small towns. She is the suburban Trans Am with a GED and dreams of beauty school.

Species: Silver Fox
As one reader described: "The cougar that is in her 60's but still sexy." He admits they're rare. We here at UC would quantify that statement... extremely rare.

Species: MILF
A cougar only in the minds of those young men who lust after these domesticated creatures (excepting in situations where the MILF is divorced, separated or willing to engage in outside dalliances), the MILF may well be the precursor to the entire cougar phenomenon. There's just something about a woman who has managed to maintain her sex appeal long after having birthed children and dealt with all their shit that leaves most young men particularly vulnerable.

Species: CIT
Cougar-in-training (also known as The Cub) Too young to be considered an actual Cougar, these industrious young women show all the tell-tale signs of future cougardom: an interest in younger men, a ravenous sexual appetite, and an indifference to marriage and other conventional romantic institutions.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Story Almost Too Embarassing To Relate and Cougar is on a Mission

I have a story to share...but I have debated about whether I should even publish it on my blog. It happened last Friday night. CIT and I went out. Her husband was playing tennis and we were ready for a girls night out. She drove over and we took a cab to one of our local watering fact, it is a place which I frequent. We had about a bottle of wine before we left but it was over a period of an hour or two and we were munching on some snacks. We arrived at the bar of this popular restaurant and ordered a bottle of wine...and quite a good one at that. When we weren't served in 20 minutes, CIT decided it was time to find the manager and complain. Shortly thereafter, and after the moron bartender uncorked our bottle of wine and poured us each a glass, and CIT had a word or two with the bartender who was totally obnoxious, he came over and told CIT he was cutting her off because in his words, she was cursing at him, wouldn't look him in the eye and was slurring her words. Believe me, CIT was not intoxicated.....maybe a little buzzed but that is it. CIT does not look anyone in the eye and when I called the bartender out on this, he totally continued to make fun of CIT and in my humble opinion, humiliated her unnecessarily. The manager came over. He said that he had to back up his bartender for legal reasons. I had a heart to heart with the manager and informed him that as a lawyer, I could appreciate his corporate policy; however, he was totally wrong about CIT and described how the idiot bartender made fun of CIT and that the manager should be concerned about the shots that the douchebag bartender was pouring( on the house I surmise) for his redneck friends sitting next to us and challenged the manager to test our blood alcohol levels against those of the friends of the bartender sitting next to us. Moreover, we were not driving. The manager comped our appetizer and $65 bottle of wine. He apologized and offered us another future meal in the restaurant. We got up to leave, without giving the moron bartender a tip(I have never ever walked out without leaving a tip and always overtip) and he cursed us out which I promptly reported to the manager.

As I was left unnerved by this situation, I filed a complaint via email with the corporate headquarters in Florida. I was promptly contacted by the one of the corporate management team by telephone. I stressed the lack of customer service by the bartender and his insensitivity to someone who has a disability in not being able to look someone in the eye. We are treading on thin legal ice here as I do not think the corporation would like this to be made public to public interest groups representing the disabled. The corporate manager again offered up some gift certificates but I am going for the jugular and want to see this bartender reprimanded or even better, fired. The corporate manager was coming to Atlanta on Thursday and I am waiting to hear what transpired on their end.

I have never been more mortified in a restaurant or bar.....especially having a friend accused of something untrue. I am simply too old to have this happen and this Cougar won't take anyone's crap. I am a Cougar on a Mission!

Details to follow. If you would like to know where this happened, email me and I will let you know. If I do not get satisfactory results, I will publish the name of the bartender and the restaurant in this blog.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Flame Update

I took a much needed day off today. Ran errands, went for a run(finally) and watched a movie or two. The Flame has not been back in his office since Wednesday. His partner was in on Thursday but no Flame!

I gave the Flame my magnetic key card to the office building as the property manager has not issued one to him. His office is directly across the hall from my reception area and has a glass wall which abuts the central office building hallway so everyone can see whethter he is in and what he has in the office. He really needs some sort of blinds or shades. No desk and chair yet but he does have a flatscreen and some art for the walls.

Don't worry...I am definitely not a stalker but a Flame siting will set my heart aflutter.

Let's hope he moves in over the weekend!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Pilot Light Still Burns, Kindergarten Crushes and I Finally Have Something Fun to Write About!!

The other night I was doing sit ups in my basement to maintain my flat abs, one of my best features, and smelled gas. The gas company arrived at 10:30 and told me I had a small leak and to call the plumber to fix it. They turned off the pilot light on my hot water heater and turned off the gas. The plumber arrived the next morning and discovered that the leak was coming from the gas company's line into my meter and it was fairly significant. In essence, Georgia Natural Gas tried to pass the buck when it was their problem. The gas company came out, fixed the leak and the plumber had to reignite the pilot light. It was a metaphor for my place in life. Okay Cougar, do you finally have something juicy to share you may ask?

For those of you who read this blog, you know that I bought a new office loft last year. It was like giving birth...the first space I designed from the ground up and I love it. But the economy changed and heaven had the potential of becoming hell in a hand basket....the jury is still out on that one. But in the interim, the developer has brought many people through the project and through our offices. Many months ago, they brought through a business owner who really resonated with me...we shared alot of things in common....both attorneys but not practicing law, business owners in the service industry but his business is alot more glamourous. We chatted for quite a while and I thought, wow, he is really hot and really nice and even complimented what I was wearing. You know that is music to a fashionista's ear.
Fade to black. A few months later, his business partner negotiated a lease with an option to purchase for the space across the hall. The man who set my heart aflutter never reappeared and I never really thought about him.

The other day when I was out of the office, he showed up at my office with his intern. They are starting to move in. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmn...........I need to think of a name for him. Okay, let's call him the Flame. I am not going to say what business he is in because with the way my luck is going, he will find my blog and if he does, I would be mortified! He stopped by yesterday to tell me they were getting ready to move in full time and it was because of me that he moved the business there. The Flame was hotter than I recalled and so nice. His personality is magnetic. Maybe a bit too slick.....he may be a player......typical of a man I like. I have a major kindergarten crush on the Flame. I have not felt this way in so so long. I told the Flame
that we have happy hour fairly often and he expressed in interest in participating.

Tonight I ran into Flame as he was moving in. He called me over and told me that he is divorced with kids. He wanted to know my status. Single and available to jump his bones! No, I didn't say that and tried to keep my cool. He wanted to know if we were having happy hour tonight. I said no as I actually had a date(didn't tell). I told Flame that we might have happy hour tomorrow. He was interested.As am I! I have not experienced the emotion of having a crush/ interest in someone in so long. I am happy to discover that the pilot light is still lit!
I will continue to post about Flame. Let's hope for good things! As Jim Morrison sang " Come on baby light my fire". Bring it on!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Guilty Pleasure Television

As an avid television junkie, I hate the summer! Repeats, repeats and more repeats. However, one of my all time favorite television shows has returned. Yes! Weeds on Shotime. Mary Louise Parker is brilliant as Agrestic soccer mom by day and pot dealer by afternoon. The cast is fabulous and the dialogue, clever and hysterical. Kudos to the producers for switching up the plot line this season by burning down hometown Agrestic and moving the Botwins to Southern California. The addition of the talented Albert Brooks to the cast as Nancy's father-in-law is flawless.

I also enjoyed the premiere of Shotime's new show, Secret Diary of a Call Girl.....maybe an English prostitute version of Sex and the City?

Other than Weeds, I don't really have a substantive television lineup. Here is my list of somewhat embarassing guilty pleasure television :

The Bachelorette-Deanna is a Georgia girl and very genuine although I wish she would stop blinking so much. I do like the bachelors....particulary Jeremy, the hunky lawyer from Dallas.

Hell's Kitchen-watching Gordon Ramsay is like watching your worst nightmare of a boss.

Real World LA- the best Real World in, fights,drinking, dolce vita!

Denise Richards-who ever knew she was such trailer trash? A potty mouth train wreck!
You Think You Can Dance-mindless entertainment.

She's Got the Look- America's Top Model for the Cougar crowd

My Life on the D List---Kathy Griffin is hysterical.

Obviously I have too much time on my hands! Any other shows to add to the list?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thought of the Weekend......

Now that the price to fill up your gas tank is more than most bottles of wine...DRINK, DON'T DRIVE.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Internet + Insomnia = Late Night Shopaholic Spending

Hello. My name is Atlanta Cougar and I am a self confessed slave to fashion and shopaholic. For anyone who has read this blog more than once, you will note that I almost always post late at night. I am most definitely a night person. My laptop sits on the pillow once occupied by others. At night, I like to watch guilty pleasure television which I have on my DVR and surf the net, reading the latest entertainment news(thanks, catching up on reading my favorite blogs and personal email.

Last night in the early hours of the morning, my shopping demons made a visit. After drooling over all of the wardrobe changes for SATC, for some reason I decided that I wanted the dress that Miranda wore in the beginning of the know, the silk twill dress with the large retro geometric black and white print with the vintage gold belt, Gucci pumps and Alexander McQueen handbag. Alas, I found it on It is sold out but I , too, will be sporting that dress come late July. Do I really need the dress? Hell no. Is it in my current budget? Hell no. Am I sure that I will wear it one time and never pull it out of the closet again? Hell yes. I certainly do not emulate Miranda except for a law degree and her business drive, but I do covet her newly aqcuired sense of sophistication and edgy style. Her movie wardrobe was such an improvement.

Am I smart enough to have an exit strategy? Hell yes. My goal is to sell the dress on Ebay once I grow tired out it. Now I find myself asking "why do I really really need/want this dress"? Any ideas?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Liam Sullivan "Kelly" Joins My Family

It's prophetic! The genius creator who has made the YouTube Video "Shoes" a viral success is joining my family. He is engaged to my cousin IC who is also an actress/producer/writer. If you haven't seen the video you must. His character, Kelly, is obsessed with shoes....just like yours truly. Liam was in town last night performing at the Tabernacle with Margaret Cho. We were fortunate enough to be hooked up with great seats and backstage passes. The crowd at the Tabernacle was primarily gay and they absolutely love the raw, hilarious Margaret Cho, the self-proclaimed fag hag. I went with my BGF and my mother! We were supremely entertained and then went backstage and met Liam and IC whom I hadn't seen for many years,and Margaret Cho. Liam is a sweetheart, very laid back and soft spoken and so very sweet. He is seriously into IC, who is a sweetheart and adorable and they make a great couple. Margaret Cho was very nice and laid back and was amenable to take some pics with BGF so he could send them to his friends who are soldiers in Iraq and love Margaret Cho. She even promised to get tickets for them all the next time she is in town. What a fun evening and I am thrilled to have another shoeaholic in the family. Welcome from the Atlanta contingency, Liam. You just don't even know how much we have in common.

Shoes the Full Version

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Perfect Mantini to Accompany My Martini

Which characteristcs are blended together to create the perfect mantini? Off the top of my head, here goes:

1.One part integrity and honesty
2.Mix with compassion and great sense of humor
3.Shake with physical attraction
4. Add the love of animals
5.Stir with fun loving, goofy at times
6. Blend with intelligence
7. Whirl with love of travel, music, great wine and good food

Serve one or two on a silver platter.......with a twist. No nuts or fruit. No hangovers. Cougar's Cafe is open for business. Shirt and shoes not required.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City Fashion....... It's All About the Belt

I am still reeling from seeing Sex and the City the Movie......the fashion, the friendships, the fun, the other f know what I mean. Fashionwise, SJP had 83 wardrobe changes. Amazing. Carrie was fashion forward and funky, Charlotte was preppy and classic, Samantha was flawless in her business attire and her party clothes and ,shock of shocks, they finally gave Miranda a sense of style and an improved haircut. One of the most stand out fashion statements of the movie.. the return of the belt.....on everything, dresses, skirts, pants, name it. I have some of the most fabulous belts which are left overs from the 80s! My parents were in the fashion accessories business so I always had an overabundance of handbags, belts and costume jewelry. I still have several of my vintage handbags and almost all of my belts. After watching the movie, I pulled the belts out of storage. Today I wore a killer double wide brown leather belt over my " of the moment" tunic. The tunic sported turquoise, brown and white which work beautifully together. White slacks. Brown sandals.The outfit really worked. I am always thrilled when I can bring together otherwise unlikely elements from my wardrobe into one good look. Today I succeeded.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can't Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time

What a metaphor! But it sums up my frame of mind these days. I have blogged about this issue in the past and can't seem to liberate myself. You see, in this shitty economy, that of soaring gas prices and subprime mortgages, my business sucks the big one. Being a small business owner is like riding a rollercoaster.........high highs and lower lows. The last time I hit the bottom of the ride was in 2002. I slowly rode back to the pinnacle. 2007 was a great year and honestly, I didn't see this one coming.

Okay, okay, let me get to the point. I am normally the consummate multitasker. I can usually win a gold medal for walking and chewing gum at the same time. However, when I am stressed out 24/7 over business , paying the mortgage , insurance and payroll, my social life is in the crapper. I just don't have my usual get up and go to get out there and date and make small talk. I'd rather stay home with Coco and watch guilty pleasure television and drink a few glasses of Norton Malbec. No, you don't have to schedule a benefit in my honor after the Jerry Lewis telethon as I do go out with my friends to concerts, drinks and dinner but just don't feel like meeting new men. I just don't have the patience to go through the motions. So I have come to the conclusion that "bad economy" and "dating" are mutually exclusive terms for me. And I am blaming George Bush, who will go down as the worst president in history, for this handicap. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Georgie Boy.