Sunday, June 8, 2008

Liam Sullivan "Kelly" Joins My Family

It's prophetic! The genius creator who has made the YouTube Video "Shoes" a viral success is joining my family. He is engaged to my cousin IC who is also an actress/producer/writer. If you haven't seen the video you must. His character, Kelly, is obsessed with shoes....just like yours truly. Liam was in town last night performing at the Tabernacle with Margaret Cho. We were fortunate enough to be hooked up with great seats and backstage passes. The crowd at the Tabernacle was primarily gay and they absolutely love the raw, hilarious Margaret Cho, the self-proclaimed fag hag. I went with my BGF and my mother! We were supremely entertained and then went backstage and met Liam and IC whom I hadn't seen for many years,and Margaret Cho. Liam is a sweetheart, very laid back and soft spoken and so very sweet. He is seriously into IC, who is a sweetheart and adorable and they make a great couple. Margaret Cho was very nice and laid back and was amenable to take some pics with BGF so he could send them to his friends who are soldiers in Iraq and love Margaret Cho. She even promised to get tickets for them all the next time she is in town. What a fun evening and I am thrilled to have another shoeaholic in the family. Welcome from the Atlanta contingency, Liam. You just don't even know how much we have in common.

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