Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Pilot Light Still Burns, Kindergarten Crushes and I Finally Have Something Fun to Write About!!

The other night I was doing sit ups in my basement to maintain my flat abs, one of my best features, and smelled gas. The gas company arrived at 10:30 and told me I had a small leak and to call the plumber to fix it. They turned off the pilot light on my hot water heater and turned off the gas. The plumber arrived the next morning and discovered that the leak was coming from the gas company's line into my meter and it was fairly significant. In essence, Georgia Natural Gas tried to pass the buck when it was their problem. The gas company came out, fixed the leak and the plumber had to reignite the pilot light. It was a metaphor for my place in life. Okay Cougar, do you finally have something juicy to share you may ask?

For those of you who read this blog, you know that I bought a new office loft last year. It was like giving birth...the first space I designed from the ground up and I love it. But the economy changed and heaven had the potential of becoming hell in a hand basket....the jury is still out on that one. But in the interim, the developer has brought many people through the project and through our offices. Many months ago, they brought through a business owner who really resonated with me...we shared alot of things in common....both attorneys but not practicing law, business owners in the service industry but his business is alot more glamourous. We chatted for quite a while and I thought, wow, he is really hot and really nice and even complimented what I was wearing. You know that is music to a fashionista's ear.
Fade to black. A few months later, his business partner negotiated a lease with an option to purchase for the space across the hall. The man who set my heart aflutter never reappeared and I never really thought about him.

The other day when I was out of the office, he showed up at my office with his intern. They are starting to move in. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmn...........I need to think of a name for him. Okay, let's call him the Flame. I am not going to say what business he is in because with the way my luck is going, he will find my blog and if he does, I would be mortified! He stopped by yesterday to tell me they were getting ready to move in full time and it was because of me that he moved the business there. The Flame was hotter than I recalled and so nice. His personality is magnetic. Maybe a bit too slick.....he may be a player......typical of a man I like. I have a major kindergarten crush on the Flame. I have not felt this way in so so long. I told the Flame
that we have happy hour fairly often and he expressed in interest in participating.

Tonight I ran into Flame as he was moving in. He called me over and told me that he is divorced with kids. He wanted to know my status. Single and available to jump his bones! No, I didn't say that and tried to keep my cool. He wanted to know if we were having happy hour tonight. I said no as I actually had a date(didn't tell). I told Flame that we might have happy hour tomorrow. He was interested.As am I! I have not experienced the emotion of having a crush/ interest in someone in so long. I am happy to discover that the pilot light is still lit!
I will continue to post about Flame. Let's hope for good things! As Jim Morrison sang " Come on baby light my fire". Bring it on!!


Anonymous said...

That's really exciting! I love new flames!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Me,too as it happens too infrequently these days. It will be fun seeing how the scenario will play out. I would like to get a date or two or more out of it but I need to play it cool but not uninterested.Any tips will be appreciated. :)