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Some Interesting Facts About Stefan Lemperle-Kimberly Zolciak's Alleged New Big Papa

Some Interesting Facts About Stefan Lemperle- Kimberly Zolciak's Alleged New Big Popa
Do you want to know more about Kim's new Big Papa, Stefan Lemperle? He was removed by Artes Medical as CEO in 2006 for using his "wrinkle filler" ,ArteFill ,without FDA approval and for marketing the unapproved use of Artefill. He and his father were also sued by an individual for product liability, fraud, negligence and negligent misrepresentation. Based on the following, it appears that Stefan spent big bucks on his legal representation! So, after you read this excerpt from an SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filing by Artes Medical Inc. on 11/27/06, you will learn that he is no longer involved in the wrinkle filler business, and it was not his idea to retire as CEO! Maybe we will learn more in 2008. My guess is that Stefan wants to stay under the radar."In August 2005, Elizabeth Sandor, an individual residing in San Diego,California, filed a complaint against us, Drs. Gottfried Lemperle, StefanLemperle and Steven Cohen in the Superior Court of the State of California forthe County of San Diego. The complaint, as amended, set forth various causes ofaction against us, including product liability, fraud, negligence and negligentmisrepresentation, and alleged that Dr. Gottfried Lemperle, our co-founder,former Chief Scientific Officer and a former member of our board of directors,treated Ms. Sandor with Artecoll and/or ArteFill in violation of medicallicensure laws, that the product was defective and unsafe because it had notreceived FDA approval at the time it was administered to Ms. Sandor, and thatMs. Sandor suffered adverse reactions as a result of the injections. Inaddition, the complaint alleged that Dr. Gottfried Lemperle and his son, Dr.Stefan Lemperle, our other co-founder, former Chief Executive Officer and aformer director, falsely represented to her that the product had received anapprovability letter from the FDA and was safe and without the potential foradverse reactions. The complaint also alleged medical malpractice againstDr. Cohen, the lead investigator in our U.S. clinical trial, for negligence intreating Ms. Sandor for the adverse side effects she experienced. Ms. Sandorsought damages in an unspecified amount for pain and suffering, medical andincidental expenses, loss of earnings and earning capacity, punitive andexemplary damages, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of litigation. OnJune 1, 2006, the parties filed a stipulation to dismiss the case withoutprejudice and toll the statute of limitations. The case was dismissed on June 5,2006, and the plaintiff is allowed to refile the case at any time within18 months from that date.During our recent negotiations with the parties involved in the Sandorlitigation, Dr. Gottfried Lemperle informed us that his counsel had contacted aninvestigator in the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations to determine whetherany investigation of Dr. Gottfried Lemperle was ongoing. In March 2006,Dr. Gottfried Lemperle's counsel informed us that an investigator at the FDAinformed her that the FDA has an open investigation regarding us, Dr. GottfriedLemperle and Dr. Stefan Lemperle, that the investigation had been ongoing formany months, that the investigation would not be completed within six months,and that at such time the investigation is completed, it could be referred tothe U.S. Attorney's Office for criminal prosecution. In November 2006, wecontacted the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigation. That office confirmed theongoing investigation, but declined to provide any details of the investigation,including the timing, status, scope or targets of the investigation.To our knowledge, prior to, or following this inquiry, neither Dr. GottfriedLemperle, Dr. Stefan Lemperle nor any of our current officers or directors hasbeen contacted by the FDA in connection with an FDA investigation. As a result,we have no direct information from the FDA regarding the subject matter of thisinvestigation. We believe that the investigation may relate to the facts allegedin the Sandor litigation and the following correspondence from and to the FDA.In July 2004, we received a letter from the FDA's Office of Complianceindicating that the FDA had received information suggesting that we may haveimproperly marketed and promoted ArteFill prior to obtaining final FDA approval.In addition, we received a letter from the FDA's MedWatch program, the FDA'ssafety information and adverse event reporting program, on April 21, 2005, whichincluded a Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience Database, or MAUDE,report. The text of the MAUDE report contained facts similar to those alleged bythe plaintiff in the Sandor litigation.We responded to the FDA's correspondence in August 2004 and again in May2006. In our responses, we informed the FDA that based on our internalinvestigations, Dr. Gottfried Lemperle had used Artecoll, a predecessor productto ArteFill, on four individuals in the United States. Artecoll has beenmanufactured and sold by third parties outside the United States under a CE marksince 1996. In 2004, we acquired all worldwide intellectual property rightsrelated to Artecoll. Following this acquisition, we requested these thirdparties to cease manufacturing their product named Artecoll. We currently do notmanufacture, and we have never manufactured, distributed or received anyrevenues from Artecoll. We initially named the product used in our clinicaltrials as Artecoll, but later changed the name of our product candidate toArteFill to reflect refinements that we have made to the PMMA microspheremanufacturing process following our acquisition of the rights to Artecoll.We stated in our correspondence to the FDA that we found no evidence thatany of the Artecoll used in the U.S. clinical study was used improperly beforeor after receipt of the approvable letter from the FDA in January 2004. We alsoinformed the FDA that we could not conclusively determine the source of theArtecoll used on these individuals, that Dr. Gottfried Lemperle's use ofArtecoll was not part of a study or any activity sponsored by us and thatDr. Gottfried Lemperle had resigned from his position as Chief ScientificOfficer and as a member of our board of directors. In addition to ourcorrespondence to the FDA, we also informed the FDA of these matters during itsinspection of our manufacturing facilities in San Diego, California in April2006. In May 2006, we received the FDA's EIR for its investigation of our SanDiego manufacturing facility. The EIR referenced two anonymous consumercomplaints received by the FDA. The first complaint, received by the FDA inDecember 2003, alleges that Dr. Stefan Lemperle promoted the unapproved use ofArteFill, providing, upon request, a list of local doctors who could performinjections of ArteFill. The second complaint, received by the FDA in June 2004,alleges complications experienced by an individual who had been injected withArteFill by Dr. Gottfried Lemperle in his home. The second complaint furtheralleges that Dr. Stefan Lemperle marketed unapproved use of ArteFill. In May2006, we terminated Dr. Gottfried Lemperle's consulting relationship with us.Dr. Gottfried Lemperle no longer provides services to us in any capacity. InOctober 2006, our board of directors removed Dr. Stefan Lemperle from theposition of Chief Executive Officer, and in November 2006, Dr. Stefan Lemperleresigned as a director and employee. Dr. Stefan Lemperle no longer providesservices to us in any capacity.In July 2006, the FDA requested us to submit an amendment to our pre-marketapproval application for ArteFill containing a periodic update covering the timeperiod between January 16, 2004, the date of our approvable letter, and the dateof the amendment. The FDA requested our periodic update to include, among otherthings, all information available to us regarding individuals who had beentreated with Artecoll outside our clinical trials and any adverse events theseindividuals had experienced. In response to this request, we completedadditional inquiries regarding Dr. Gottfried Lemperle's unauthorized uses ofArtecoll outside our clinical trials in contravention of FDA rules andregulations. In August 2006, we filed an amendment to our pre-market approvalapplication that included the periodic update requested by the FDA. In theamendment, we informed the FDA that as a result of our additional inquiries, wehad identified nine individuals who had been treated with Artecoll in theUnited States by Dr. Gottfried Lemperle, four of whom we had disclosed to theFDA in our prior correspondence. We also informed the FDA that 16 individualshad been treated with Artecoll by physicians in Mexico or Canada, where Artecollis approved for treatment, in connection with physician training sessionsconducted in those countries. Further, we informed the FDA that Dr. Stefan M.Lemperle, our then serving Chief Executive Officer and director, had beeninjected with Artecoll in the United States in 2004 by his father, Dr. GottfriedLemperle. Prior to the time we conducted the additional inquiries to prepare ourperiodic update for the FDA, Dr. Stefan M. Lemperle had failed to disclose tous, and to the FDA, that he had been injected with Artecoll in contravention ofFDA rules and regulations. In October 2006, our board of directors removedDr. Stefan Lemperle from the position of Chief Executive Officer, and inNovember 2006, Dr. Stefan Lemperle resigned as a director and employee.Dr. Stefan Lemperle no longer provides services to us in any capacity. We received FDA approval to market ArteFill on October 27, 2006. "

Real Housewives of Atlanta Tell All Comprehensive Investigative Report

The following is a very informative article printed in the NY Post (www.newyorkpost.com) on November 23, 2008 -- Good investigative reporting and answers to alot of questions...Read on:
"They're called "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." And although the Bravo reality series purports to depict elite Atlanta women, it turns out that these women aren't exactly high society - and they don't actually live in Atlanta.
In fact, two of the five stars aren't even housewives at all: Sheree Whitfield-who has hired a team of people to create a fashion line, "She by Sheree"-is the ex-wife of 15-year NFL veteran Bob Whitfield.
Wannabe country singer Kim Zolciak-who drinks white wine like a Hummer guzzles gas-is a divorcee who has a mysterious benefactor known as "Big Poppa."
So just who are these so-called elite members of Atlanta society? There's Zolciak, the cast's sole white member whose mystery man is a source of Internet intrigue.

Online gossip mongers have surmised that her sugar daddy could be a music industry icon like Quincy Jones or Sean Combs, hence her "friendship" with producer Dallas Austin.
The most prolific rumor, however, is that her sugar daddy is real-estate developer Lee Najjar-father of a member of the extended posse on MTV's reality show "The Hills," and very married.
Zolciak, as it turns out, is no stranger to scandal. As a teenager in Windsor Locks, Conn., she had a high-profile affair with a police sergeant, John MacDougald.
According to the Hartford Courant, Zolciak was "16 or 17" when the romance began and allegedly a witness in a criminal investigation at the time.
McDougald, a 25-year veteran of the police department, copped to the affair-but insisted that the relationship started after the case was closed.
The scandal helped touch off an internal investigation in the Windsor Locks police department-where allegations of secret tapings, sexual-assault charges and cover-ups flew.
The upshot of unleashing these skeletons in her closet? The Hartford Courant's reporting on the scandal, which unfolded in the summer of 1997, identified Zolciak's age as 19. That nearly proves Zolciak's seemingly ludicrous on-screen claim that she is 29 though, despite her onscreen Botox treatments, her detractors say she doesn't look a day over 40.

Zolciak's new BFF, Sheree Whitfield, knows something about the police, too: In 1989, when she was 19, Ohio native Whitfield-then known as Sheree Fuller-was arrested, twice, for theft, according to Cuyahoga County court records.
Then there's the matter of location. None of these women actually live in Atlanta. Those in the know say the real creme-de-la-creme of Atlanta live in Buckhead, a neighborhood that's home to high-end shops, the Governor's mansion, celebrities such as such as Elton John and Janet Jackson, as well as CEOs and high-powered businesspeople.
"It's the nicest residential neighborhood in the city, by far," says Ben Hirsh of the Hirsh Real Estate Group.
"Buckhead is ground zero for high society, old money and wealth," said Ryan Ward, principal of the Ryan Ward Group at Keller Williams Realty Consultants. Atlanta's northern suburbs-where all the wives live-boast money and mansions. But it's the south's equivalent of, say, Westchester-undoubtedly "comfortable," but lacking the prestige of Park Avenue.
"It's a totally different scene up there than it is down here," says Buckhead resident Missi Wolf, who served on the host committee for the 2007 Jeffrey Fashion Cares event-a major Atlanta fundraiser for the Atlanta AIDS Partnership Fund and the Susan G. Komen foundation, where Oscar de la Renta made an appearance.
"The athletes live up in the northern part of Atlanta. They're very cliquey. I don't mean that in a bad way; all the players stick together."
"It's a different thing," adds Wolf. "It's like watching 'Cribs' or looking at 'Architectural Digest.'"
Not that all the wives live in homes that are even "Cribs"-worthy. Bravo's claim that Zolciak lives in an "exclusive gated townhouse community" is debatable: Myers Park, the townhouse community in Duluth where she lives, currently has homes on the market in the $300,000 to $500,000 range. (According to property records, Zolciak paid $486,000 for her home in January 2006-though it was assessed at only $371,100 the following year.)
Deshawn Snow, wife of Cleveland Cavaliers captain Eric Snow, lives at the Manor Golf and Country Club, a new subdivision in Alpharetta, Ga.
"It's one of those places; it hasn't gone anywhere," says Ward. "They sold a bunch at first, about half. Of the couple hundred [homes] there, 37 are for sale. Many haven't been lived in; a lot are going into foreclosure."
But, hey, at least Snow has a luxurious roof over her head. Gwinnett County records show a man by the name of Gregory Leakes-troublemaker NeNe Leakes's hubby is a real-estate entrepreneur known as Gregg-as having been recently evicted from a rental house in Sugarloaf, the upscale Duluth community that Leakes, according to Bravo, calls home.
Public records show the house's owner to be someone named Shenaz Ali Kajani.
And, speaking of property, two of the wives-Snow and Lisa Wu Hartwell, the wife of NFL linebacker Ed Hartwell and ex-wife of crooner Keith Sweat-have dabbled in real estate, with limited results. According to the Atlanta Multiple Listing Service, Snow's firm, EDJ Realty, has never sold a home, nor does she have any current listings. Hartwell's firm, Hartwell and Associates, fares better: they have one sold home (in October), as well as three active listings.(It is possible, Ward cautions, that these firms have represented buyers in deals.)
Fortunately, though Snow employs a staff to do everything from furnish her house to cook, she has other hobbies to keep her busy, namely, the DeShawn Snow Foundation, which aims to empower adolescent girls.
On one episode, Snow announces the lofty goal of raising $1 million in one evening-something her fellow wives denounce as being unrealistic. Not so, says Lisa Senters, the vice president of sales for Marquis Jet, which offers flight times on the private NetJets fleet, and a fixture in Buckhead's charity scene.
"It's very interesting what people do here, in Buckhead," says Senters, a New Jersey native who lives in the Atlanta neighborhood of Brookhaven, next to Buckhead. "It's very charity-driven. It's knitted into the fiber of society here. That's what people do; that's how they spend their time."
Some events, says Senters, "raise $15 million in one night."
That may be an exaggeration, but earlier this month-despite the financial crisis-the Shepherd Center, a private Atlanta hospital that treats spinal and brain injuries, raised $775,000 in a single evening at its annual "Legendary Party," held at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead. Snow was publicly humiliated when her party fell far short of her goal-in fact, she raised less money than what it cost her to host the lavish soiree in her home.
Real Atlanta fundraisers draw the big bucks, sources say. In fact, Senters was so inspired by the generosity and the personalities of Buckhead's elites that she and co-created a television show, "Buckhead Bettyz"-a play on the oft-used term for the nabe's society women, "Buckhead betties."
The sitcom, which was under development with HBO, is currently on hold. Though Senters said she doesn't watch "Housewives," "Buckhead Bettyz" is "diametrically opposed" to the reality show. "Debutantes-they learn manners," she said.
And though the pissed-off-housewife-of-the-week may insist that their current enemy has badmouthed her to "everyone in Atlanta," it isn't true, insiders say. "If you came to Atlanta and asked a group of women in Atlanta [about them], they wouldn't have any idea who these women are," Wolf says. "

Kim Zolciak Dishes About Real Housewives of Reunion Show

From People.com:

November 25, 2008

"Filming the first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak, the curvy blond with big ambitions to become a country music star, turned her back on her best friend NeNe, but found a new companion in Sheree. And while her singing career didn’t exactly take off (yet), her romance with mystery millionaire Big Papa piqued viewers’ interest while speculation about her age (and her hair) lit up the Internet.
As The Real Housewives of Atlanta gears up for the first season reunion special (airing Tuesday on Bravo), Kim addresses the rumors, and chats with PEOPLE about her friendship with NeNe, her breakup with Big Papa, and how she’s changed since seeing herself on TV. – Chris Willard
How are you and NeNe getting along? Have you had that glass of wine yet?We have not had that glass of wine to be honest with you. Hopefully in the very near future, now that the show has calmed down and life is a little bit calmer, we’ll actually sit down and have a conversation. I heard that NeNe was upset about the footage of her [singing about me] in the limo. Her intention wasn’t to hurt my feelings. With that being said, NeNe and I have been friends for a long time. I think she’s great. She’s funny and entertaining, and my older daughter (Brielle) just adores her.
How did you feel when you saw the footage of NeNe singing about you?I thought it was funny myself, but I was a little hurt by the stuff she said. At the end of the day, had she not been drinking and not been out having a great time, I don’t think that would have happened. I know her well enough. NeNe has a really good heart.
Was what you saw in the episode different from how it was described to you?I was told the story accurately. I was prepared, but hearing it and then watching it are two different things. And then I had my daughter. I wouldn’t allow her to watch that episode, but it played again and she caught it. I was actually out of town and my daughter called me hysterical. “Mommy, why did she say these things?” And I had to tell her it was all in good fun, she didn’t mean any harm by it, etc. So, I had to deal with my own emotions on top of my daughter’s. It was difficult but she understood.
It seemed like Brielle and NeNe were very close. How was their relationship changed now that you and NeNe aren’t BFFs?I always try to teach my kids how important friends are. My daughter just started middle school, so she’s dealing with drama herself. Middle school is where it starts, so friendship has been a topic of conversation in my house. But with NeNe, she misses her. They were pretty tight.
When you announced that you were 29, many bloggers cried foul, saying there was no way you were only 29. Can you respond?I’m not a liar. You can put that in plain English. Integrity is most important to me. I’m actually 30 now, but I have to agree about some of the footage … I did not do own my makeup the majority of the time and there’s one instance where I was getting makeup done for a photo shoot and I looked 50. It was terrible. But you pound on that black eye shadow and big red lips, what do you expect? I’m sorry they feel that way, but the reality is I am 30 — and you can take it or leave it.
Have you quit smoking? I did quit for a period of time. It was like torture. I don’t even know how long. I was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life … I quit for about a good month, but I’m back to smoking. Not really like I was, but my relationship with Big Papa ended and that was stressful, and the music, and the show. It’s all merely an excuse, but it’s something you really have to focus on and it’s a battle daily, hourly. But I saw the footage of me smoking in the house and I cringed. It was disgusting and I couldn’t believe at times I would do that. I smoke oustide now.
What else was hard to watch?The singing in the studio was horrific. What was that? It made for good television. We had been in the studio hours and hours that day and most people know your producer doesn’t sing or stand next to you. He’s on the soundboard. So it made for good television, but my album will speak for itself.
So you are still going forward with plans to record an album?I’m actually working with WEJ Records, it’s an independent label, and they’re negotiating a contract for major distribution. This all happened recently [after the show aired]. They have a new song for me, which I’m crazy about. I’m not gonna tell you the name quite yet. It’s a little different, not country. I hope I get the opportunity to show people I’m able to sing.
How else has your life changed since the show premiered?My skin’s a lot tougher. I tend to take things pretty personally and I really had to take a step back and go, “You know, this is where you wanted to be your whole life. It’s a show. It’s entertainment.” I know who I am, the people who love me know who I am, and I love who I am. Sometimes when you watch footage of yourself, you tend to analyze or critique. Shortly into the series, I had to just let go of it all. Of course I’m recognized everywhere I go, which I love. But it’s changed my personal life. The one thing that I wanted to prevent was the demise of my relationship but in showbiz and reality shows — like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, their relationship ended in divorce and that was the one thing I was trying to avoid.
So you’re not with Big Papa anymore. What can you tell us about him?We were engaged. And he’s a great person. He’s still a part of my everyday life at this point. I don’t know what the future holds. I’m crazy about him. And he’s great to my girls.
There was a lot of speculation that he might be married.He is legally married, but he’s estranged from his wife. It’s kind of like Sheree. I always give this analogy. Sheree’s been going through a divorce for three years. Sometime things take a while to move forward.
Has anyone guessed correctly?Yes, I’ve seen his name stated on a couple of Web sites.
Any clues?He’s not black; he’s not an athlete. He’s pretty well known across the board. If you were to mention his name, the people in his industry would know exactly who he is.
Another hot topic on the Web was your hair. I’ll tell you that the hair comment has been pretty difficult for me. I’ll leave it for the reunion show. It’s discussed and it’s been incredibly traumatic for me. Wearing hair extensions wasn’t by choice.
What else was tough?The smoking thing was also a big surprise. How incredible! I guess when you see yourself on TV, you realize — wow. I don’t drink like that either. Good god, every episode I had a glass of wine. It’s unbelievable to me.
Like the scene where you’re drinking in your car with Sheree outside the lingerie shop?The way that it was aired looked as though we drove off in the car. That’s insane. I’m the mother of two little girls. I would never jeopardize myself drinking and driving. Ever. I don’t agree with that. I had bought a bunch of stuff and we were waiting for them to package up the stuff so we went out to the car to listen to my song. We went back in to pick up everything and dropped off the glass of wine that we didn’t even drink to be honest. We had a couple sips and left. So it appears as though I was drinking and driving, but give me a little bit more credit than that.
What else can you say about the reunion special? It looks like Lisa loses her cool with you, but she’s usually so calm and stays out of the drama. What went on?There was definitely drama. I’ve seen the clip and you know, I think “he said, she said” gets in the middle of everything. That’s all I’m gonna say."
Virginia Sherwood /NBC

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Virtual Tour of Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak's Townhouse

The following is a link to a virual tour of Kimberly Zolciak's townhome in Duluth, Georgia, which is currently for sale. The link was sent to me by a friend who is a real estate agent.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kim Zolciak .....A Nude Performer( Stripper)at the Cheetah in Atlanta?

Word on the blogs has it that Kimmie worked/danced at the Cheetah, a local strip club in Midtown Atlanta. I have read that Kimmie's alter ego was Barbie, the nurse. In fact, as I recall, Kimmie once mentioned that she "used to be" a nurse. Now I can speculate that she met Big Poppa, Lee Najjar, at the Cheetah and also any previous playa in her entourage. I know someone who is the ex General Manager of the Cheetah and also some other guys who frequent the Cheetah (see my post from October 2007). I will be checking in with them for more information. Details to follow.

Don't Cry for Me Argentina.....Instead ...Bring On The Malbec!

On Wednesday night I am headed south of the border......very, very south of the border and south of the equator.......all the way to Buenos Aires Argentina. This will be my secnd visit to this fabulous city. It really is the Paris of South America...beautiful architecture, great food especially filet mignon and Italian food and all kinds of breads and pastries, outstanding wines ; where I first fell in love with Malbecs, great shopping, especially custom made leather items such as jackets and hot hot men. The nightlife doesnt start until after 10... noone eats dinner until 10 and then the party scene goes on all night long. The Argentinean men are mostly of European descendence and have the dark luscious hair, pale skin and gorgeous brown or blue eyes. They dress impeccably and are quite flirtatious and debonair. ...and live up to the cliche....Latin Lovers! And can do a hot tango. They actually tango in the street and you can pay to pose with some of the hunks. I am including a picture of the tango hunk I posed(lusted after) back in 2005.

I am traveling with my friend ,the Doctor, whom I last traveled with to Vegas in August. She is alot of fun and we always have a great time drinking, eating and shopping. She has been there before so we won't be doing alot of tourist activities but instead will hang like the locals. I have reached out to some great looking men through Linked In who have recommended great bars and restaurants frequented by locals. Did I mention the great value of the dollar to the peso? The dollar goes a long way in Argentina.

I will be coming home on 12/1 and will report back with all the juicy details. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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Kim Zolciak Has A Breakdown While Describing Her Weave Wig!

Wah! Wah! The claws come out! The following is a link to a clip from the Real Housewives Reunion Show. Kim breaks down as she tells Nenee that she is wearing a wig because she was very sick 3 years ago.... her hair fell out and she lost 25 pounds.....wah! A doctor told Kim there was a 90% chance she had cancer. C'mon Kimmy, it's kinda like being pregnant...you are or you aren't. Either you have cancer or you don't. If she and Nenee were friends for 3 years, why didn't Nenee know about this mystery illness.


The following is a clip of the catfight between Kim and Nenee....now we know why they never met for that glass of wine.


Check out the clips and let's dish!

Kim Zolciak Finds Big Poppa Replacement

From www.mediatakeout.com

"Last week MediaTakeOut.com told you that Kim Zolciak from Bravo's hit serioes Real Housewives Of Atlanta had split from her fiance/benefactor whose code name was "Big Poppa." Well she's back on her grind.MediaTakeOut.com caught up with Kim on a date with her new man - billionaire Dr. Stefan Lemperle. The two have been reportedly dating for a few weeks now and they've been spotted acting lovey dovey all around the ATL.Don't hate the playa ladies .... hate the game ..."
The following is a link to Stefan Lemperle's profile on Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/780/449. In his profile, he states that he is CEO of Artes Medical. www.artesmedical.com On the company website, it does not indicate that Stefan Lemperle is the CEO. I do not see his name mentioned on the company website or in the attached annual report. More to follow............

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Thoughts Regarding the Finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

  • Kim, Lisa and Sheree had lunch and Lisa dissed the biyatches for the "no call no show" at Deshawn's dinner. Kim calls Nenee a drag queen. In reality, Kim looks like a drag queen. They agree to go to a dinner hosted by Lisa. Thanks Gilmore for the Drag Queen Housewives Challenge. www.prettyontheoutside.com/gilmore

  • Eric Snow decides to retire. He wants to coach or become a sports commentator. The gravy train is coming to an end. Get off at the next station.

      • Kim tells her assistant that she plans to return multiple evening gowns to Neiman Marcus(Needless Markup) because she bought them because she felt important. I think I just threw up in my mouth. Chanel and Gucci. Dallas Austin basically gives her the kiss off and tells Kim that she should go to country singing boot camp. He adds "be realistic about what you want to be". Kimmy...you are not the next Carrie Underwood! You will be singing out of a trach tube if you keep up your nicotine addiction. Hey, maybe she will sing better with one of those gadgets you use to speak after a tracheatomy. See today's post on Pretty on the Outside for the latest on Dallas Austin's comments regarding the real scoop about Kim's singing career or lack thereof. www.prettyontheoutside.com/gilmore

      • Sheree calls Mychael Knight of Project Runway Fame for some free help. A definite Bravo hookup because in the real world, he wouldn't even return her phone call. She plans to drain the life out of him! A fashion fairy godfather. He tells her everything looks homemade and you get what you pay for. Mychael tells her she was too grand and wasn't hands on. Basically, she is a no talent fashion wannabe.

      • Nenee writes a letter to Curtis after she discovers that he is not her daddy. Eric tells her to step up and move on. Does she really want to find out who her biological father is? Stay tuned for Season 2. I love Nenee. She is so authentic and not a phoney!

      • Lisa doesnt want to have to wheel Ed around in a wheelchair if he is reinjured in the NFL. Can you say selfish? Lisa is whining about Ed's new job with the Oakland Raiders. FYI, he was dropped in August. I bet Lisa was relieved. We know that she is not selling homes in this economy so Ed better have a career plan.

      • Deshawn thinks Eric has to retire due to knee injury. She has to cut back oncertain "things" like her Mercedes. How about the 10,000 square foot home?

      • Kim is a chimney...smoke smoke smoke. Brielle is trying to get her to quit. OMG! The girls sleep with Kim. Where did Kim do the deed with Big Poppa? In the back of the Escalade?

      • Ed's surprise birthday party is at Strait in Midtown..Ludacris' restaurant....which used to be Spice. Nenee and Sheree are both at the party. Sheree says she just ignores ignorant people so she will ignore Nenee. She says "axed "instead of "asked". Time to put aside your She by Sheree line and sign up for grammar/diction lessons, girlfriend.

      • OOOOOOOOOOOOOh! Can't wait for the drama on the Reunion Show. Did someone call Kim a liar for saying she had cancer? Kim said her hair fell out and she lost 25 pounds? Hmmmmmn. Will Lisa bitch slap Kim? Nenee tells Kim to keep her knees together for married men and calls her a hooker and Kim says that Nenee is a hooker and then tells Nenee to get her finger out of her face. Snap!

      • Where is Dwight? I heart Dwight. Maybe I will go to The Purple Door for a wash and blow dry. I have heard that this salon caters to the African American clientele. My caucasian hair will be a breeze for Dwight.

      • Lisa plans a dinner party for the Housewives. Kim's 6 year old daughter wears a Dolce and Gabbana dress! She has more clothes in her closet than most adult women. Brielle needs to drop a few pounds. She is enormous for an 11 year old. And wears way too much makeup. BTW, Kim has finally closed down Brielle's You Tube account. I made an open request for her to do so in one of my posts last week.

      • Catfight! Nenee says they will never be friends. Noone is interacting. Just drinking and looking like sourpusses. Lisa tries to be the mediator. Sheree says she has grown and opened her eyes. "There will be no Sheree and Nenee." Alot of drama. Stressful. Kim says everything happens for a reason. Nenee asks what happened. I love Nenee ......she is so honest and real! She is the bigger person. Nenee says Kim looks ridiculous and the whole situation is very high school. Greg says that they should not get absorbed in this drama and individuals should have dialogue due to previous history.

      • Greg: "Take a stepping block and turn it into a stepping stone". Kim knows she was wrong and a bitch. Kim and Nenee are going to get together and talk. Nenee wishes everyone the best. We later hear that Kim and Nenee never get together for that glass of wine. Good move, Nenee!

      • Kim: "I ask I believe and I receive". Gag.You didn't get Big Papa....they "broke up" after 7 months and not 3 years as she claimed earlier in the season. Kim honey- when everything is taped , make sure that you keep your stories straight I will give Kim this much.....she sure cleaned up in the gold digging department.

      • Final Score for the Season: Nenee and Dwight : 10 Other Housewives: 0

      The Real Housewives of Atlanta Dish ................

      Yes, the season finale is finally upon us. In today's Atlanta Journal Constitution, Rodney Ho poses questions to Sheree, Nenee and Deshawn regarding their experiences on Housewives. Take a gander:

      "A charity event that goes awry. A fashion show with no fashion show. Over-the-top spending. Underhanded comments. Fake boobs and real boobs. Nasty text messages. And some mysterious boyfriend who goes by the name “Big Papa.”
      Even as the nation has been riveted by a presidential election and horrified by woeful economic news, fans and foes of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” have found a diversion from true reality. Old school Atlanta socialites reacted with disdain. Loyalists have reveled in the excesses and spending from a pure entertainment standpoint.
      For Bravo, a hit is a hit. Ratings are stronger than first-season numbers for earlier versions in Orange County, Calif., and New York. During the week of Nov. 3, Bravo aired different episodes of the show a whopping 25 times, seen by a collective 9.3 million viewers. Those numbers virtually guarantee a second season in 2009, though the network has yet to publicly commit.
      Alas, the finale is already upon us Tuesday night after just seven episodes. And check out a reunion episode next Tuesday in which seemingly grounded Lisa Wu-Hartwell unexpectedly clashes with Botox-loving Kim Zolciak.
      Bravo made three of the women available for phone interviews last Friday. Unfortunately, Lisa and Kim were not in town to tell the AJC why they came to blows on the pretaped reunion show and who the heck “Big Papa” is (though rumors are all over the Web).
      On the charity event that didn’t raise $1 million: “On the show, it made it seem like I lost money, but we actually broke even in the end. I could have planned more. I could have charged at the door. The auction was awful. That’s all they showed. But the party went great. More than 400 people learned about the foundation.”
      On her foundation to help teen girls raise their self-esteem: “My goal to go national will be realized faster. A lot of people have been donating money. I’ve done summer camps [in southwest Atlanta] for three years. We had 180 girls the first year, 250 the second and a little more than 300 this past summer. I want to do four camps in metro Atlanta next year.”
      On Kim and Sheree bagging on her sunset barbecue: “I’m not mad about them not coming. I don’t care. I was just surprised. I was trying to help.”
      On NeNe: “NeNe and I were very close during and after the taping. They didn’t show much of that. I respect her. She’ll say what she thinks to your face, not behind your back. I don’t hang out much with the other girls [except for the show].”
      On NeNe’s mockery of Kim’s singing ability: “She wasn’t trying to hurt Kim’s feelings. I was cracking up. There was no harm. It wasn’t something she hadn’t said to Kim’s face. [Then again,] it should not have left the limo.”
      On rumors she is in a rented house: “If these people knew the battles I’ve gone through with the builders, they know I wouldn’t do this with a rented house. You can’t believe what you hear.”
      On the newfound fame: “I eat it up. I love the glitz and glamour and people recognizing me. It’s all exciting.”
      On how she comes across on TV: “I’ve always been strong and confident. It comes across as a little cold.”
      On whether her confidence masks insecurity: “Are you kidding me? I am the most secure person on Earth. Anyone who knows me knows I’m comfortable in my own skin.”
      On her divorce with Bob Whitfield and that seven-figure settlement: “I can’t go into that because of my attorneys. … We’re at the tail end [of the divorce proceedings].”
      On her finances: “Financially, I’m fine. When I start asking people for money, then you can say, ‘What’s going on with Sheree?’ Of course with the economy, everyone including me is limiting some of my spending. If I don’t truly love it, I’m not making the purchase.”
      On what hasn’t been shown on TV: “I’m a great mom. I’m very active in my kids’ lives. I am that soccer mom, that football mom; that is not shown.”
      On her clothing line She by Sheree: “I’m looking to have it ready for fall of 2009. I’ll have samples ready for trade shows in February.”
      On why she got her clothing samples so late before her fashion line intro party: “I had different seamstresses fall through. It’s hard to find good people. The clothing was supposed to be ready two weeks earlier. She didn’t finish in time. I put so much time and money into that viewing. It was never a fashion show. It was a viewing. I showed fabrics and sketches.”
      On blogs where people slam her: “I don’t want to hear that. I don’t read it, although I blog myself. And it’s weird because in person, people are so loving and positive.”
      On NeNe: “We weren’t friends going in. I didn’t have a lot of interaction with her on camera.”
      On NeNe’s mockery of Kim: “It was very mean. … You’re responsible for what you say, whether you’re drunk, high or sober.”
      On the newfound fame: “I can’t leave the house without people knowing who I am. I love it. I have great fans!”
      On mocking Kim’s singing: “I didn’t want to hurt Kim’s feelings. I didn’t mean to hurt Kim’s feelings. It was blown out of proportion. That was really a turning point in our relationship. She stopped talking to me. Since then, we’ve had a chance to talk a bit. I apologized.”
      But really, how is Kim’s singing?: “I didn’t think Kim could sing. I didn’t mean to say it harsh. I guess I’m really a Simon Cowell!”
      On who her real daddy is: “It isn’t addressed this season but we may do something assuming there’s a second season. I may have a celebrity sister. That’s my tease!”
      On creating drama: “I like to separate from people who bring drama to my life. Every new year, I go through my cellphone and look at my contacts. I delete everybody’s names who bring stress to my life.”
      On being wealthy: “I live this great fabulous life. I’m blessed. But I’m not going to brag about it. I never talk about designers. I don’t need to die in Dior. I just want to be comfortable.”
      On renting or owning her home and other rumors: “Whether you’re renting or purchasing, either way, it’s money coming out of your own pocket. What’s the big deal? It’s nobody’s business if I filed bankruptcy 10 or 20 years ago. What difference does it make? Will it change Bravo’s opinion about me? Absolutely not. I’m a real housewife of Atlanta. That’s the way it’s going to stay.”

      Friday, November 14, 2008

      Kim Zolciak Whines to TMZ about Lisa Hartwell's Alleged Threatening Voicemails

      Check out the onscreen interview with Kim Zolciak on www.tmz.com. She plays sniplets from the threatening voicemails left by Lisa Hartwell accompanied by her attorney. She is becoming quite the media whore.

      "Reality show catfights on camera are great, but when cast members start leaving each other threatening voicemails when the cameras aren't rolling -- that's a problem.Kim Zolciak from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" got just such a VM from one of her co-stars, Lisa Wu Hartwell. Lisa has been upset with Kim since she heard Zolciak was talking behind her back about her and her children. On the voicemail, Lisa can be heard saying "I am not the one -- you need to call me. I might just be coming to your house." Kim claims she is 30 and so scared from the VM she has consulted a lawyer and may be seeking legal action. A rep from Bravo tells us this situation is a personal matter and they don't get involved in personal matters. Until season two, that is."

      Thursday, November 13, 2008



      Mediatakeout.com( www.mediatakeout.com )has reported that Kimberly Zolciak has broken up with Big Poppa! She states that she and Big Poppa were engaged eventhough he was still technically married (oh big surprise-NOT!). Eventhough everyone knows Big Poppa is Lee Najjar, she won't reveal his identity in this interview. How ironic that she can allow her daughter Brielle to tell the internet world where she attends school but will not reveal the name of Big Poppa. To say the least, Kim's priorites are not in order. Instant karma, Kim! What goes around comes around. Maybe you will have to get a job!

      " Yesterday MediaTakeOut.com told you that there was rumored drama at the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion - well now we've got CONFIRMATION!!!According to one of MedaiTakeOut.com's most TRUSTED insiders, drama popped off between Lisa Hartwell and Kim Zolciak. While our insider denies any PHYSICAL confrontation occurred, they did say that things "got heated" on the stage and it was "a very tense and potentially dangerous" situation.And MediaTakeOut.com managed to catch up to Kim and ask about the drama during the reunion show. Kim explained to us that she was NOT ALLOWED to comment specifically on what popped off. But she did tell MediaTakeOut.com that what happened on the show was "traumatic" and explained that she has consulted an attorney regarding incidents that transpired between her and Lisa.

      Kim did manage to drop a HUGE BOMB on MediaTakeOut.com. Kim told us that her and "Big Poppa" - her mysterious boyfriend - have BROKEN UP.Kim explained to MediaTakeOut.com, "Everyone is wondering who Big Poppa is -but I'll never tell." She continued, "Me and Big Poppa were actually ENGAGED . We dated for over 3 years and last Spring he gave me a 5 carat canary yellow engagement ring."And while Kim wouldn't tell us who Big Poppa is, she did give us some hints. Kim told MediaTakeOut.com, "He's not Black, and he's not an athlete ... And while he's CURRENTLY MARRIED, he's in the midst of going through a divorce."Wonder who'll be Kim's next BIG POPPA!!!"

      Tuesday, November 11, 2008

      Random Thoughts about Tonight's Real Housewives of Atlanta

      My stream of consciousness random thoughts as I watch tonight's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta:

      Kim is a nicotine addicted alcoholic..no doubt. Lake Lanier is not in Atlanta...it is in Buford.Lake Lanier is the Redneck Riviera. The Atlanta elite never go to Lake Lanier...they fly to the coast or to the Caribbean. Cori...... why bother? Big Poppa's wife's name is also Kimberly.

      Lisa's arms are way too muscular. Too much testosterone with the weight lifting? How about adding pilates?

      ROFLMAO! Sheree is a fashion guru in Atlanta? According to whom? She didn't do enough business to keep her shop Bella Azul open. I will concede that she is the most attractive of the Housewives eventhough she may have had some assistance from Doctor 30327.

      Nene is my favorite Housewife...go on you fabulous girlfriend. You are so real, so fun and tell it like it is! You can hang with us ITP (inside the Perimiter people) any time. However, why does she refer to herself in the third person? Has she formed a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit corporation for Twisted Hearts? Nenee, Atlanta Cougar can hook you up in this regard. Must check. Get Dwight to do Kim's hair.

      She by Sheree.......clothing for the masses? Hmnnnnnnn. Viewing of the clothing line? Who died?Oh, I get it....the clothing line is a dud! Sheree doesn't want any riff raff at the viewing? Don't invite Kim.

      Deshawn is one of those who keeps her kitchen and dining room tables set at all times....kind of like a model home or the Pottery Barn. Say what is on your mind, Nenee...."Sheree thinks she is a designer". Nenee is much smarter than I previously thought.....perhaps the most intelligent/street smart of all of the Housewives. Whatevs, Nenee.

      NFL wives are "more snootier"....grammar please Lisa! Passive aggressive rivalry between Lisa and Deshawn regarding NFL Wives v. NBA Wives. Looks like Deshawn has won the ostentacious competition hands down.

      Sheree pitches a fit... her samples look like shit..... it serves her right for waiting until the last minute to check out her samples. Get a clue! don't burn your bridges, sister.

      Nenee ("don't mess with a diva..bam!)" is an alcoholic. Sheree and Kim no showed to Deshawn's sunset dinner...tacky tacky tacky. Money can't buy class or manners. "You reap what you sow"..tell it Nenee. What goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch. Yada yada yada.

      The "it" people around town couldn't help Sheree with her viewing. Waaaaaaaaaah! She has burned her bridges in the fashion community in Atlanta....karma is a bitch! This viewing is the party I posted about in my post of August 3 . A viewing with no clothing? Ya got to be kidding me......what a cluster fuck! I am loving this.

      Dwight Eubanks is the bomb and looks good for 50... thanks to some facial plastic surgery. And having sex 3 times a day? Dwight calls the viewing "a fashion show with no fashion.....a nothing". Exactly! He is a good business person...and his salon The Purple Door is a huge success here in Hotlanta.

      Why does Lisa swim with her coverup on? Does she have some cellulite to hide? Thunder thighs? Ed gets a job with the Oakland Raiders. Lisa hates Oakland. Maybe she can transfer to the Real Housewives of California.

      Linnethia is Nenee's real name! Is her ring diamond or cubic? Curtis is not Nenee's daddy!!

      Can't wait for the finale next week to view the heated arguments between Lisa hartwell and Sheree. Details to follow.l

      Sunday, November 9, 2008

      What Did She Do With the Money Big Poppa Gave Her for Singing Lessons...The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Singing Kar

      I would love to hear Simon Cowell rate Kim Zolciak's voice as absolutely dreadful!! She does speak(sing) the truth when she calls herself a big ho!

      Candid Confessions of Atlanta Store Managers About Big Poppa and Kimberly Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

      Please check out the fabulous website www.prettyontheoutside.com/gilmore to admire more incredible pieces of art and commentary.

      On Friday night,I had the pleasure of dining with some friends who are in the retail business.They are both managers of luxury retail clothing and accessory stores in Atlanta. I asked them whether any of the Real Housewives of Atlanta shop with them. One of my friends, who is the manager of a women's clothing store, said that Kim Zolciak shopped with her. The clothing in this particular store (not Dior which Kim constantly talks about) runs small. As any viewer of the show can clearly see, Kim is not petite in any sense of the word. She is a big chubby girl who flaunts her fake boobs all of the time. I was informed that Kim requested all of her shirts in size extra small so that her cleavage was always exposed. What an exhibitionist and attention seeker!! She added that Kim definitely had a compulsive spending problem and purchased one of everything, whether it fit her or not. Can you say obsessive compulsive disorder? I hope she is investing in a good therapist! My friend also stated that Kim was very loud and very demanding. On another occasion, my friend and some of her associates were at a table at a now defunct bar/restaurant called "The Clubhouse". Kim walked in and pitched a fit because my friend was sitting at "her table". Are you surprised? NOT! Where does she get the notion that the world revolves around Kim?

      My other friend, who used to manage a very upscale French boutique which is known for its intialed handbags and accessories, said that Big Poppa Lee Najjar and his wife shopped there frequently. They spent alot of money but talked down to the manager and the employees.

      Question: What does Mrs. Najjar thinks of Kim and the Real Housewives of Atlanta? I am curious to see how this all unfolds. Can you say Season 2?

      Wednesday, November 5, 2008

      Great Kim Zolciak Caricature!!

      This great caricature was created by Gilmore, writer and artist extraordinaire of the blog http://prettyontheoutside.typepad.com/gilmore. She creates wonderful ink on paper portraits of all of the housewives with great commentary. Make sure to check this blog out.

      Congratulations Mr. President!!

      Last night was one of the most exciting nights in a long time. I was thrilled to watch Barack Obama decimate McCain. The change is coming!

      And then this morning, Georgie W. had to break into morning television to make his remarks....and the question is WHO CARES WHAT HE HAS TO SAY? We just want him out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and can't wait until 1/20/09! Georgia will go down as the worst president in history. Good riddance Georgie and don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

      Monday, November 3, 2008

      Kim Zolciak Spotted At the Atlanta Hawks Game

      The following is an excerpt from today's Peach Buzz written by Richard Eldredge in today's Atlanta Journal Constitution (http://www.ajc.com/):

      "Last year, the celebrity quotient at the Atlanta Hawks home opener was virtually nil. This year, with the Hawks showing signs of being a quality team, Buzz noted a few notables in the crowd: a very satisfied former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young high-fiving Josh Smith as the Hawks beat the Sixers in a huge come-from-behind win; Olympian and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt; original Destiny’s Child singer Letoya Luckett and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas of TLC.
      “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” lead actor Allen Payne won a Home Depot contest, properly pricing three hardware items (including a leaf blower) and getting a free throw in on his second try, winning a $100 gift card he then gave away.
      Most amusing moment: when crowd announcer Michael King introduced Kim Zolciak of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Buzz could hear some discernible booing. Zolciak appeared blissfully unaffected. "

      This is yet another situation which demonstrates just how much Kim is reviled in Hotlanta.....and just as you might imagine, this narcissist is painfully unaware and oblivious to the entire event!! Buzz does not say who accompanied Kim....and whether she finally found a decent hairdresser. Hey Kim, try Carter Barnes in Buckhead!!

      Kai Medspa Owner Dishes about Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

      The following is an excerpt from the blog of the owner of Kai Medspa in Johns Creek, Georgia, http://blog.kaimedspa.com/,which was featured on the 10/28 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The excerpt reveals the drama between Kim, Sheree and Nenee(what else do we expect?) and that Kim, one of the most overindulgent mothers in the history of the world, took her kids out of school to come to the spa when the FOKs (Friends of Kim) who promised to come out to the spa no showed. The owner closed the spa for the day for the filming and I only hope that she will make up her losses for the day in free publicity. Check this out:

      "Kim Zolciak and her best friend, Cori Davenport showed up first. There was already “drama” going on when they arrived. Kim told me that she and Nene had dinner last night and she was scheduled to come to the spa…but what happened was that Nene found out that Sheree’ was coming with her friend and Nene decided not to come. Then Sheree’ had second thoughts and Kim was extremely upset because no one was coming! Kim had initially told me that 3 “housewives” were coming and each was bringing a friend. Therefore, I brought a big staff in from my other stores and I had other special items set up. Kim really has a big heart. Kim felt so badly because we had even closed the store on this day to do the filming, so she and Cori called the schools and took their daughters out early, so that they could come to kai. In the meantime, Sheree’ changed her mind and ended up coming. Kim was so relieved…"

      Sunday, November 2, 2008

      Amazon Kindle My Favorite New Gadget

      I am an avid reader. I usually read one book per week in addition to my collection of magazines, to which I am addicted. I subscribe to many of the tabloid magazines in addition to Vanity Fair, Self, Shape, In Style, Lucky, Oprah, Rachel Ray and many more. I also read newspapers daily including parts of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Post and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. When I travel, in addition to selecting a wardrobe, I have the difficult task of deciding which books to bring with me. Hardcovers? Paperbacks? I fear being on the plane and not having something to read. My problem is now solved. Last week I bought a Kindle.... it is a wireless book reader which allows you to download hundreds of books directly from Amazon. Now I can bring as many books as I like in one tiny 10 ounce Kindle without lugging heavy books with me. You can also download newspapers and magazines and blogs! I heart my Kindle. Here is the product overview from Amazon:

      "Revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper.
      Simple to use: no computer, no cables, no syncing.
      Wireless connectivity enables you to shop the Kindle Store directly from your Kindle—whether you’re in the back of a taxi, at the airport, or in bed.
      Buy a book and it is auto-delivered wirelessly in less than one minute.
      More than 190,000 books available, including more than 105 of 112 current New York Times® Best Sellers.
      New York Times® Best Sellers and New Releases $9.99, unless marked otherwise.
      Free book samples. Download and read first chapters for free before you decide to buy.
      Top U.S. newspapers including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post; top magazines including TIME, Atlantic Monthly, and Forbes—all auto-delivered wirelessly.
      Top international newspapers from France, Germany, and Ireland; Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine, and The Irish Times—all auto-delivered wirelessly.
      More than 1000 top blogs from the worlds of business, technology, sports, entertainment, and politics, including BoingBoing, Slashdot, TechCrunch, ESPN's Bill Simmons, The Onion, Michelle Malkin, and The Huffington Post—all updated wirelessly throughout the day.
      Lighter and thinner than a typical paperback; weighs only 10.3 ounces.
      Holds over 200 titles.
      Long battery life. Leave wireless on and recharge approximately every other day. Turn wireless off and read for a week or more before recharging. Fully recharges in 2 hours.
      Unlike WiFi, Kindle utilizes the same high-speed data network (EVDO) as advanced cell phones—so you never have to locate a hotspot.
      No monthly wireless bills, service plans, or commitments—we take care of the wireless delivery so you can simply click, buy, and read.
      Includes free wireless access to the planet's most exhaustive and up-to-date encyclopedia—Wikipedia.org.
      Email your Word documents and pictures (.JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .PNG) to Kindle for easy on-the-go viewing.
      Included in the box: Kindle wireless reader, Book cover, Power adapter, USB 2.0 cable "

      Saturday, November 1, 2008

      Sheree Whitfield and Lisa Wu Hartwell are 'inspiring others"

      The following blurb appeared in the Peachbuzz column of the Atlanta Journal Constitution today(http://www.ajc.com/). Written by Richard Eldredge

      "On Thursday night, a full house turned out for the third annual Taste of Ebony at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery. About 25 Atlanta chefs, including TV One’s G. Garvin, gave guests a taste of their signature dishes. Among the guests were two of the stars of Bravo’s “Real Housewives Atlanta” —- Sheree Whitfield and Lisa Wu Hartwell. It appears the “Housewives” are becoming bona-fide celebrities as they spent a great part of the evening posing for photos for and with fans.
      “We’ve gotten lots of love from Atlanta,” Hartwell told Buzz.
      Whitfield agreed: “It’s been a blessing; we’re having so much fun.”
      Still, both say they’ve been surprised by how negative and judgmental some people have been.
      “There have been other ‘Housewives’ —- New York, Orange County —- and it’s like because we’re African-Americans, we’re being criticized for spending money,” said Hartwell, who was there with her husband, Ed.
      So how are things between arch rivals Sheree and NeNe?
      “We’re fine,” said Whitfield. “We’re all grown women, and at the end of the day, you have to get past your differences.”
      And what’s been the best part about being on the show?
      “That we get to inspire others,” said Whitfield, who noted that she gets many positive e-mails from young girls. “If we can do it, so can you,” she said."

      Teaser for Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode on Election Night

      Courtesy of Access Atlanta ajc.com

      "Shere and Lisa let loose at a pole dancing class. Lisa, DeShawn, NeNe and their husbands spend a luxurious evening together at a vineyard to celebrate DeShawn’s 34th birthday. The dinner takes a turn for the worse after NeNe starts to gossip about Sheree and makes up a nasty song about Kim’s music career. Kim and Sheree have a Botox date during which Kim finds out about the song NeNe sang about her, the two bond over mistrust for NeNe. When Kim ignores NeNe during an afternoon of lingerie shopping, the tensions mount and things get ugly. Kim’s plans for stardom are at stake as Grammy Award-winning producer Dallas Austin sends her to celebrity music coach, Miss Jan. Meanwhile, inspired by DeShawn, NeNe starts her own foundation for battered women, Twisted Hearts. She throws a “Big Hats” fundraising brunch and opens up about her past turmoil to a moved audience. After futile efforts to get NeNe and Kim to talk, DeShawn joins NeNe for a girls’ night where they focus on surrounding themselves with positive people and true friends."