Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Thoughts Regarding the Finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

  • Kim, Lisa and Sheree had lunch and Lisa dissed the biyatches for the "no call no show" at Deshawn's dinner. Kim calls Nenee a drag queen. In reality, Kim looks like a drag queen. They agree to go to a dinner hosted by Lisa. Thanks Gilmore for the Drag Queen Housewives Challenge. www.prettyontheoutside.com/gilmore

  • Eric Snow decides to retire. He wants to coach or become a sports commentator. The gravy train is coming to an end. Get off at the next station.

      • Kim tells her assistant that she plans to return multiple evening gowns to Neiman Marcus(Needless Markup) because she bought them because she felt important. I think I just threw up in my mouth. Chanel and Gucci. Dallas Austin basically gives her the kiss off and tells Kim that she should go to country singing boot camp. He adds "be realistic about what you want to be". Kimmy...you are not the next Carrie Underwood! You will be singing out of a trach tube if you keep up your nicotine addiction. Hey, maybe she will sing better with one of those gadgets you use to speak after a tracheatomy. See today's post on Pretty on the Outside for the latest on Dallas Austin's comments regarding the real scoop about Kim's singing career or lack thereof. www.prettyontheoutside.com/gilmore

      • Sheree calls Mychael Knight of Project Runway Fame for some free help. A definite Bravo hookup because in the real world, he wouldn't even return her phone call. She plans to drain the life out of him! A fashion fairy godfather. He tells her everything looks homemade and you get what you pay for. Mychael tells her she was too grand and wasn't hands on. Basically, she is a no talent fashion wannabe.

      • Nenee writes a letter to Curtis after she discovers that he is not her daddy. Eric tells her to step up and move on. Does she really want to find out who her biological father is? Stay tuned for Season 2. I love Nenee. She is so authentic and not a phoney!

      • Lisa doesnt want to have to wheel Ed around in a wheelchair if he is reinjured in the NFL. Can you say selfish? Lisa is whining about Ed's new job with the Oakland Raiders. FYI, he was dropped in August. I bet Lisa was relieved. We know that she is not selling homes in this economy so Ed better have a career plan.

      • Deshawn thinks Eric has to retire due to knee injury. She has to cut back oncertain "things" like her Mercedes. How about the 10,000 square foot home?

      • Kim is a chimney...smoke smoke smoke. Brielle is trying to get her to quit. OMG! The girls sleep with Kim. Where did Kim do the deed with Big Poppa? In the back of the Escalade?

      • Ed's surprise birthday party is at Strait in Midtown..Ludacris' restaurant....which used to be Spice. Nenee and Sheree are both at the party. Sheree says she just ignores ignorant people so she will ignore Nenee. She says "axed "instead of "asked". Time to put aside your She by Sheree line and sign up for grammar/diction lessons, girlfriend.

      • OOOOOOOOOOOOOh! Can't wait for the drama on the Reunion Show. Did someone call Kim a liar for saying she had cancer? Kim said her hair fell out and she lost 25 pounds? Hmmmmmn. Will Lisa bitch slap Kim? Nenee tells Kim to keep her knees together for married men and calls her a hooker and Kim says that Nenee is a hooker and then tells Nenee to get her finger out of her face. Snap!

      • Where is Dwight? I heart Dwight. Maybe I will go to The Purple Door for a wash and blow dry. I have heard that this salon caters to the African American clientele. My caucasian hair will be a breeze for Dwight.

      • Lisa plans a dinner party for the Housewives. Kim's 6 year old daughter wears a Dolce and Gabbana dress! She has more clothes in her closet than most adult women. Brielle needs to drop a few pounds. She is enormous for an 11 year old. And wears way too much makeup. BTW, Kim has finally closed down Brielle's You Tube account. I made an open request for her to do so in one of my posts last week.

      • Catfight! Nenee says they will never be friends. Noone is interacting. Just drinking and looking like sourpusses. Lisa tries to be the mediator. Sheree says she has grown and opened her eyes. "There will be no Sheree and Nenee." Alot of drama. Stressful. Kim says everything happens for a reason. Nenee asks what happened. I love Nenee ......she is so honest and real! She is the bigger person. Nenee says Kim looks ridiculous and the whole situation is very high school. Greg says that they should not get absorbed in this drama and individuals should have dialogue due to previous history.

      • Greg: "Take a stepping block and turn it into a stepping stone". Kim knows she was wrong and a bitch. Kim and Nenee are going to get together and talk. Nenee wishes everyone the best. We later hear that Kim and Nenee never get together for that glass of wine. Good move, Nenee!

      • Kim: "I ask I believe and I receive". Gag.You didn't get Big Papa....they "broke up" after 7 months and not 3 years as she claimed earlier in the season. Kim honey- when everything is taped , make sure that you keep your stories straight I will give Kim this much.....she sure cleaned up in the gold digging department.

      • Final Score for the Season: Nenee and Dwight : 10 Other Housewives: 0


      Scandalous Housewife said...

      LOVE to have found a local's point of view!!!!!!
      Go, honey!!!

      Anonymous said...

      Ok, I live in Atlanta and think most of the women on the show are useless, and for Bravo to call them "Southern Belles" is absolutely insulting. But what I'm dying to know is, where did Kim get her money? Yes, she has relied on "Big Poppa" for 7 months, but what about before that? All the expensive clothes, etc...and it appears that she doesn't have a job or her own money. Did the father of her kids have money???
      Can't wait until the reunion!!!!

      Atlanta Cougar said...

      Scandalous: Love your blog! Yes, Atlanta is a small town in many ways and it is easy to get the scoop on the Housewives. All the information I have posted comes from reliable sources.
      Anonymous:I agree with you 100%. Regarding Kim, I surmise there was a big poppa prior to Lee Najjar. I imagine she will be returning alot of the clothing. Maybe she gets an allowance from the show. I do not think she comes from money....she is from Connecticut and at age 17, was involved in a scandal involving a police officer. I have a source who is in retail who may have more information. Will post it if I get some dirt to dish.