Friday, November 21, 2008

Kim Zolciak Has A Breakdown While Describing Her Weave Wig!

Wah! Wah! The claws come out! The following is a link to a clip from the Real Housewives Reunion Show. Kim breaks down as she tells Nenee that she is wearing a wig because she was very sick 3 years ago.... her hair fell out and she lost 25 pounds.....wah! A doctor told Kim there was a 90% chance she had cancer. C'mon Kimmy, it's kinda like being are or you aren't. Either you have cancer or you don't. If she and Nenee were friends for 3 years, why didn't Nenee know about this mystery illness.

The following is a clip of the catfight between Kim and we know why they never met for that glass of wine.

Check out the clips and let's dish!

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