Thursday, November 13, 2008


EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! BREAKING REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA NEWS! )has reported that Kimberly Zolciak has broken up with Big Poppa! She states that she and Big Poppa were engaged eventhough he was still technically married (oh big surprise-NOT!). Eventhough everyone knows Big Poppa is Lee Najjar, she won't reveal his identity in this interview. How ironic that she can allow her daughter Brielle to tell the internet world where she attends school but will not reveal the name of Big Poppa. To say the least, Kim's priorites are not in order. Instant karma, Kim! What goes around comes around. Maybe you will have to get a job!

" Yesterday told you that there was rumored drama at the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion - well now we've got CONFIRMATION!!!According to one of's most TRUSTED insiders, drama popped off between Lisa Hartwell and Kim Zolciak. While our insider denies any PHYSICAL confrontation occurred, they did say that things "got heated" on the stage and it was "a very tense and potentially dangerous" situation.And managed to catch up to Kim and ask about the drama during the reunion show. Kim explained to us that she was NOT ALLOWED to comment specifically on what popped off. But she did tell that what happened on the show was "traumatic" and explained that she has consulted an attorney regarding incidents that transpired between her and Lisa.

Kim did manage to drop a HUGE BOMB on Kim told us that her and "Big Poppa" - her mysterious boyfriend - have BROKEN UP.Kim explained to, "Everyone is wondering who Big Poppa is -but I'll never tell." She continued, "Me and Big Poppa were actually ENGAGED . We dated for over 3 years and last Spring he gave me a 5 carat canary yellow engagement ring."And while Kim wouldn't tell us who Big Poppa is, she did give us some hints. Kim told, "He's not Black, and he's not an athlete ... And while he's CURRENTLY MARRIED, he's in the midst of going through a divorce."Wonder who'll be Kim's next BIG POPPA!!!"

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stop saying things about my mom that is not true! Most of what you read online is all made up-so don't believe what you read yall KTHANKS