Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lisa Wu Hartwell of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Unveils New Closet Freak Clothing Line

In today's, Nedra Rhone reports that Lisa Wu-Hartwell and partner Evelyn Lambert have unveiled a new dressy clothing line named "Closet Freak". The photos of the clothing have not been released but are described as classical yet elegant and flirtatious. As a person who is obsessed with her closet, I totally love the name. It sounds as if Lisa is much further along than Sheree Whitfield's She by Sheree. Check it out:

"There are closet freaks, and there are closet freaks.
If you’re not sure of the difference, stay tuned.
Lisa Wu-Hartwell is betting that her new clothing line of that very name will make sense to both.
“I wanted very classical, elegant pieces, but still a little flirtatious. I think these days a lot of women overexpose themselves to get attention,” said Wu-Hartwell of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
The 18-piece collection, including skirts, tops, jumpsuits and dresses, debuts at an invite-only showing tonight in Midtown.
This won’t be Wu-Hartwell’s first foray into design —- she oversees Hart to Hart Baby and Wu Girls Design jewelry, both of which she has scaled back to focus on Closet Freak —- but she is quick to admit she’s no designer.
“I’ve always loved fashion … the ‘studying’ I have done is going to retail shops for years and knowing quality,” she says.
Rather than go it alone, Wu-Hartwell hooked up with Atlanta-based designer and American InterContinental University graduate Evelyn Lambert. A transplanted Brit, Lambert originally dreamed of owning an airline, but after landing in Atlanta in the mid-’90s and sensing a lag in fashion, she thought she could make a difference. She started designing handbags, and later added an upscale fashion line.
Closet Freak was initially envisioned as T-shirt-oriented casualwear. But after chatting with Lambert and viewing sketches, Wu-Hartwell had a change of mind. She and Lambert opted for more detailed and dressed-up clothing, which they describe as comparable in style and price to the fashions at women’s retailer Bebe.
There are jersey dresses with ruffled necklines, strapless jumpsuits with blousy pant legs, bubble skirts and print blouses in sheer silk chiffon and silk charmeuse. Colors are bright —- purples, greens and pinks —- for spring; and there are florals, animal prints and basic black.
Atlanta shoppers could see some items in local boutiques soon, Lambert said, but manufacturing details have yet to be nailed down.
Proceeds from Closet Freak, which Wu-Hartwell considers more of a movement than just a line of clothing, benefit the Big Hart Foundation, the Hartwells’ nonprofit organization to aid children and female victims of domestic violence.
For closet freaks, meaning those who love their closets, or closet freaks, as in those who dress ladylike in public but ramp up the sexy behind closed doors —- or for anyone who happens to have an alter-ego (see the “Real Housewives” pole dancing episode from Season 1) —- Wu-Hartwell says, this one is for you."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lee Najjar, Kim Zolciak's Alleged Big Poppa, Makes An Appearance on MTV Cribs

I was flipping through the channels the other day and came across Teen Cribs on MTV. This show highlights various palatial estates of very fortunate teenagers. Ironically, on the day I tuned in, the show featured the palatial mansion of Lee Najjar, alleged boyfriend of Real Housewives of Atlanta Zim Zolciak. His younger children, Jamen, a sophomore in high school and Katelin, a freshman in college, were the tour guides. All I can say is that this home is over the top! Both children are very well mannered and attractive. Katelin was a contestant in the the Miss Georgia Teen Pageant and received the Miss Congeniality out Sandra Bullock. She attends college in LA but flies home every weekend because it is so much fun! Jamen says that he is a music producer and has a recording studio in the home to make his music. Thus the connection to the Dallas Austin crowd.

According to,/ the 16,000 + square feet home is located on W Paces Ferry Road NW in Atlanta, GA and has a massive foyer with grand sweeping staircase (Katelin says she will walk down these steps the day she gets married), a huge ballroom, a gourmet kitchen with adjoining breakfast room, numerous bedrooms suites, a recording studio, an amazing home theater with a wrought iron door, a swimming pool, a tanning bed room, a game room with ping pong table, a gentleman's club with special filtration for smoke, a beauty and nail salon, a massage room, a moroccan room complete with a hooka pipe, a massive pool House, a basketball court, and an outdoor hibachi grill. The family cars include several Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Range Rover.

The show also cameos "Lee" ( no last name), the father who is in "real estate" and the mother, "Kim", who is very attractive and wearing massive jewelry. She is shown in the kitchen cooking, eventhough the family has a personal chef. Kim and Lee's bed features his and hers televisions under the canopy. And as Katelin says, noone can sit in Big Poppa's chair if he is at home.
Take a you think that Kim Zolciak will become the next woman of the house?

Thanks for Being a Friend RIP Bea Arthur

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Congratulation to Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes For Bravo A List Award!

I have been remiss in not taking the time to congratulate Hotlanta's #1 Real Housewife, Nene Leakes who was voted the guiltiest pleasure in this year Bravo A List Awards! Nene putsthe Hot into Hotlanta and Real into the Housewives. She has style, sass and speaks her mind. She was stylin' and profilin'at the awards ceremony.

We need to call the Mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, and have her designate a "Nene Leakes" Day in Atlanta and then throw a big party to benefit her Twisted Hearts charity. How about it Nene? Have your people call Atlanta Cougar so we can set this up ASAP!

We love us some Nene!

Cash For Gold ...The Sign of the Times?

I don't usually talk business on this blog but right now it is my #1 priority. The current economic climate has seriously impinged upon my revenues, profits (or should I say lack thereof) and consequently, my lifestyle. I have not taken a paycheck in 2009 and suffice it to say the my W-2 from 2008 was substantially lacking. I had to cut back my monthly spending budget which include my personal training sessions 3 times a week, my weekly massage, my monthly facial, weekly blow drys, wining and dining several times per week, discontinued my membership in the Ravinia Club, traveling almost monthly and shopping. It has been an adjustment I am dealing with and hope that it is only temporary.
So, in order to generate some good ol spending money, I decided to hit up the jewelry stash. I have alot of old gold jewelry I don't wear because it is either out of style or broken. On Sunday night, I went through the stash and picked out the unwanted ugly earrings, rings, chains and opal ring I got for my sweet 16, the coral ring my grandmother gave me, old bangle bracelets and earrings I would never wear.My research indicated that the popular "cash for gold" places advertised online and on television are a big ripoff and there are alot of peole between the seller and the refiner. So if you are thinking of selling jewelry, go to your city's most reputable diamond dealer/ jeweler. On Monday I paid a visit to Atlanta's favorite diamond dealer/jeweler Solomon Brothers. Their business is on the 17th floor of a Buckhead highrise and it is like going to Fort Knox coupled with jewelry heaven. OMG! Diamonds and jewels to die for. I had to focus and remember I was there to sell and not to buy. I was escorted into a private room where one of the Solomon brothers examined each piece of jewelry with his jeweler's scope to determine whether it was 14k or 18k. Then the pile was put on the scale and weighed. The going rate was based upon the market rate for that hour. I ended up walking away with a sizable check and a big smile. Today I went to the bank, deposited a small amount and chose to take the bulk in cash. I have it tucked away in a safe place. In the days of the 1930s depression, our forefathers took their cash and hid it under the mattress. In the 2009 depression, alot of people are doing the same thing and I am one of them. My stash will see me through this rough patch and allow me to splurge every now and then. Vegas anyone?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Summer Chastain Park Concert Season Begins

Atlanta is so beautiful this time of year....dogwoods, azaleas, cherry blossoms, name it. And with the flowers of spring comes the summer concert season. Chastain Park is my favorite none! It is a medium size outdoor amphitheater and if you are lucky enough to score a table up front, you can bring your finest in tableware, food and beverages and have a kick ass picnic while listening to good music. I have been fortunate to have a table up front for the Atlanta Symphony Series on Friday nights. The concerts arent always the kind of music I would seek out concert tickets for, but I have never seen a bad concert there, especially after the wine is flowing. The table seats 6 and I entertain my friends there since I do not do much at home entertaining except for my yearly Super Bowl extravaganza. The group usually includes Cougar in Training who is now a full blown cougar , the Saint, Rock Star's Soon To Be Ex Wife and other fun people. I have some Chastain pictures posted on Facebook for my Facebook Friends if you would like to see the cast of characters in all their glory.

This year the series includes Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, Loggins and Messina, The Temptations, Ashford & Simpson and Edwin McCain. Party time on Fridays.

There is another series which features more current bands/groups and a friend of mine has tickets for that. So, to kick it off tonight, we are going to see Hall & Oates. It is a perfect night for a concert. So we will be there singing Maneater, She's Gone and She's a Rich Girl. Good friends plus good food and plenty of wine equals a great night. Details to follow!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dieting Tips from Jersey Girl Delores DiGagorio

As a homage to my Jersey sistas and the upcoming series The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I want to share some great diet tips from Delores DiGagario. As bathing suit season approaches, it's time to face the proverbial mirror, be it physical or emotional or mental. As Delores says "Would you rather be skinny or dead"? I heart Delores... you go girlfriend...fuggedaboutit! You rock!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

US Army Soldiers Make Hot 'N Sync Music Video in Iraq

I am ready to make a tour of duty....check out these hot soldiers.........I salute them!

Doctor Does The Nasty With A Couch on Nip Tuck!

After reading Scandy's post about the male propensity to spank the proverbial monkey 24/7 (, I thought I would post this video, which shows a quite different and shocking method of self pleasure. If you don't like graphic language or naked men with nasty thoughts, watch at your own risk!

Back to this video, Nip Tuck is one of the best shows with the hottest men on television. In this episode last season, Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) catch a doctor that they are thinking of hiring having sex with the couch in Christian's office.
The irony is the risque strong language song which accompanies the video. I never knew there was a song titled "Fuck Your Couch" but this confirms that men think about doing so.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Photos From the Bravo A List Awards

The Real Housewives of Atlanta represent!
Patti-too much spray on tan and the hair and makeup need some work. Where is your boyfriend?

What do you think of Kim's dress? Kind of Carrie/Sex and the City tutu gone wild! Looks like the ginormous boobs are ready to pop out!
Watch the Bravo A List Awards on tax day, April 15th at 10/9 central!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Quiz

Are you Hot-lanta or Not-lanta? Prove you're a true Southern belle and a REAL housewives fan by testing your knowledge of the fierce five.

My Results:12 out of 12 answered correctly

REAL Hot-lanta Fanatic
You've been paying attention, and when it comes to following the fabulous lives of the Atlanta elite, you don't miss a thing.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do Not Disturb... I am In Treatment .....Returning Tonight to HBO

Throw away the meds! I am a fan of HBO's In Treatment which returns tonight for Season 2. Gabriel Byrnes is one hot would be hard to concentrate in session with him. What would Sigmund Freud have to say about that?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Real Housewives of New York Kelly Bensimon Loses Saks Contract

Page 6 reports the following today:

"KELLY Killoren Bensimon has lost her latest modeling job. The soccer mom, who's becoming the most hated of "The Real Housewives of New York City," is "no longer modeling for Saks Fifth Avenue," according to a source. "She was the face of the spring catalog but hasn't booked any further gigs with them." An insider confirmed Saks has "no plans to re-sign" her, but denied that Bensimon's volatile relationship with her ex, Nicholas Stefanov (she was arrested last month for allegedly socking him in the face), had anything to do with it. She said through her rep, "Working with Saks is a wonderful experience that I hope to continue in the future." A rep for the store said, "Saks Fifth Avenue enjoyed working with Kelly . . . who modeled in our 'Wear' campaign that launched in February."