Friday, April 17, 2009

Summer Chastain Park Concert Season Begins

Atlanta is so beautiful this time of year....dogwoods, azaleas, cherry blossoms, name it. And with the flowers of spring comes the summer concert season. Chastain Park is my favorite none! It is a medium size outdoor amphitheater and if you are lucky enough to score a table up front, you can bring your finest in tableware, food and beverages and have a kick ass picnic while listening to good music. I have been fortunate to have a table up front for the Atlanta Symphony Series on Friday nights. The concerts arent always the kind of music I would seek out concert tickets for, but I have never seen a bad concert there, especially after the wine is flowing. The table seats 6 and I entertain my friends there since I do not do much at home entertaining except for my yearly Super Bowl extravaganza. The group usually includes Cougar in Training who is now a full blown cougar , the Saint, Rock Star's Soon To Be Ex Wife and other fun people. I have some Chastain pictures posted on Facebook for my Facebook Friends if you would like to see the cast of characters in all their glory.

This year the series includes Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, Loggins and Messina, The Temptations, Ashford & Simpson and Edwin McCain. Party time on Fridays.

There is another series which features more current bands/groups and a friend of mine has tickets for that. So, to kick it off tonight, we are going to see Hall & Oates. It is a perfect night for a concert. So we will be there singing Maneater, She's Gone and She's a Rich Girl. Good friends plus good food and plenty of wine equals a great night. Details to follow!


Suburbia Steph said...

Looking forward to the 4-1-1, hon!

The Kitchen said...

DANG!!!! Momma sure wishes she were there to join in the fun!!! Please file a full report!