Thursday, August 27, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Calls for Boycott of Atlanta Magazine Article

In today's PeachBuzz, Richard Eldredge reports about Kim Zolciak's boycott of the feature story in the September issue of Atlanta Magazine. According to Kim's website,
she was inaccurately portrayed in the article. I will definitely read this article and form my own opinion. I like this season's Kim....she refuses to take crap from anyone. Her recycled manager, Jonathan Jaxson is on it! Team Kim!

12:14 pm August 27, 2009, by Richard Eldredge
Just when things at Buzz Central were getting a little too quiet (it is late August, after all), comes word of a brand-new bitch slapping contest concerning —who else? — “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
Kim Zolciak has taken to her website under the headline ”Atlanta Magazine: Screw Off” to announce a boycott of the upcoming “Housewives” cover story in the September issue of Atlanta magazine describing it as “disgusting and manipulating.”
Zolciak claims she was “inaccurately portrayed” in the cover story written by Amanda Brown Heckert.
Since Buzz Central happens to have an advance copy of said story, let’s take a quick looksee to see what could possibly have set off the weave-whacked, aspiring vocalist.
The headline of the story?
“Trashionistas: Sound the Sirens! Just try not watch the train wreck that is The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
Oh, my.
Here’s the lead of Brown Heckert’s profile: “Five pretty Georgia peaches, plump with collagen and ripe with ambition, sit as still as Evian in the pool house of the Pink Palace, a ludicrously lavish villa that has housed generations of Buckhead socialites and, now that it’s for rent, a Ne-Yo video.”
And yet, despite her protestations, Zolciak has posted pictures of herself from the exquisitely camp-tastic Atlanta magazine 14-page photo spread featuring the Bravo reality stars.
Explains Zolciak: “Because the photos are gorgeous, I have posted them but please don’t waste your money or time in picking up this trash magazine.”
While the September Atlanta issue officially hits news stands next week, “Housewives” fans can get a preview of the story and pictures at Also, for a mere 99-cents, you can read the entire story by clicking here.
It was not immediately clear whether Atlanta magazine’s attorneys will host a tutorial on copyright infringement to Zolciak’s website administrators. After all, the publication’s creative team retains the rights to the photo spread Zolciak is generously posting all over her website.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta Show Wrap Up

Last night's episode seemed a tad too long......I think Lisa's segments are like watching paint dry. She is really grating on my nerves this season. I loved seeing the Nene and Dwight show and wish that Bravo would give them their own series. I am really liking Kim this season and it is interesting how the production shows her in an entirely new light. Kudos to Kim for her composure at the King Tut exhibit. I really, really like Kandi and her adorable little girl Riley. A.J......not so much....I'm just saying.........hoping she will reconsider her engagement. 6 children and 4 baby mamas at age 34? Does the phrase "birth control" mean anything to you? And does he have a J.O.B.? Sheree.....just plain manipulative and evil. Anyway, has a brilliant summary of the show so I thought I would share it.................

"Bravo had NeNe working overtime last night. First they commissioned her Lisa’s Mom invited NeNe to go to Lisa’s Grandmother’s 92nd birthday in Los Angeles. Ed isn’t good TV had a meeting to go to, so NeNe will go as Lisa’s date instead. Then NeNe orchestrated an evening of an open bar culture at a King Tut exhibit and convinced Kim to join the group of ladies. Hey, everyone’s kids are going to be there. What could go wrong? If the women want to top the New Jersey escapades, I pictured an ancient pharaoh Sheree sandwich.
Before we got to the main event, there was some ridiculousness to plow through. We got a scene of Kim and the kids doing their homework at the table under the new nanny’s watchful eye. The notion of verbs stumped the girls. Is sightseeing a verb? It’s an action, you know. But maybe it’s an adjective? Kim declared the question a Catch-22. Her oldest daughter Briele wondered how the phrase “in a jiffy” solved the conundrum. I started rocking in place at home. Finally Briele rapped a Spanish prayer to an awkward chicken dance. The nanny snapped and said the girl was going straight to hell. Kim was pissed. So pissed that she didn’t fire the nanny. (Woman’s got to work get her weave trimmed and she needs childcare.) But then the nanny went on a tampon run, leaving the kids at home alone, and that was the final straw. Nanny gone.
Kandi starred in a photo shoot to promote her revitalized singing ambitions and also to celebrate family. Problem was her Mom sulked in the corner eating a buffalo wing, and refused to so much as look A.J. in the eye. Riley looked like a doll, and was hopefully oblivious to the tension. A.J., a man of woefully few words, gave up after saying hello. Kandi, who strikes me as all the more moving because she internalizes her pain and doesn’t play it up for the cameras, seemed always on the verge of tears. Oh dear, I’m thinking we most likely won’t see a wedding this season. But I do wish her the team player she deserves. Also—those were pretty peacock feather earrings!
Bravo wants a piece of Dwight in every episode this slow season. So off NeNe toddled to his salon to get a manicure from Ruben Studdard. Dwight appeared in a gold suit straight out of Duckie’s closet. NeNe wants to find him a man. So he oozed into some caramel leather pants that left nothing to the imagination and joined Sheree for a night of speed dating. It was painful! Dwight asked event planners about their shoe sizes. Sheree suffered through 25-year-olds with restraining orders and one interminable joke from a good egg named George. Outside Lisa and NeNe, who put the whole evening together, congratulated themselves on their husbands and how they would never subject themselves to something as humiliating as speed dating. Smug wenches!
At King Tut, NeNe got a little prickly when she saw Kim and Kandi bonding in the corner. I love me some NeNe but that woman has a small streak. The new friendship put her in a fussy mood, and she sneered afterwards to the cameras that Kim was a fair weather friend and Kandi was just a little bit too “geh-toe, a little bit hood” for their group. Kandi, being the only sane one in this group. treated NeNe’s baiting with cool equanimity. Sheree and Lisa, who’d been snickering in the corner about Kim’s singing, pushed Dwight into a wretched version of Summertime. Kandi belted out a few pretty notes. NeNe sniffed that the girl wasn’t all that. A.J. stood in a corner texting his baby mamas.
Next week while Lisa tearfully wonders if she’s ready to visit her older brother’s grave. Here’s an idea, do it between seasons! I don’t want to be insensitive to her pain but I’m not sure that having cameras present helps with the grieving process. Also, Shereee starts a rumor that Kim told everyone in Atlanta that Lisa is a crack whore. "
p.s. Kim has a black puff of a dog named Chanel and a naked picture of her clutching her balloons hanging in the hallway. I had to rock myself to sleep.

Kim Zolciak...I Like Your New Look!

Kim--- I love your new straight hairdo! It looks quite sassy and is a nice alternative to the curls.
Variety is the spice of life. Can't wait to see the bob you described on the after show last night.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

OK! Exclusive: Kim Zolciak Admits, “I Did Hit NeNe”

I honestly think that Kim and Nene can be my humble opinion, the troublemaker housewife is none other than Sheree (Sh're Devil) Whitfield. Things will be heated on tonight's episode but do you think that the Sh're Devil is to blame? The following is a copy of Ok Magazine's exclusive interview with Kim regarding the infamous alleged squabble. Watch what happens:

"There are new twists in the ongoing squabble over an alleged Housewife-on-Housewife attack.
On Wednesday, NeNe Leakes claimed that fellow Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak was not an innocent victim in the alleged assault in which Kim claims NeNe “choked her out.”
Now Kim has admitted to OK! that she did “smack NeNe’s finger” — but insists she did not strike out first.
“Kim is trying to make it seem like, ‘I need an apology. I’m so hurt’,” NeNe said on Atlanta’s Q1000 radio station today of the fight that was alleged to have happened back in April.
“Well, can you please tell them what you did, ma’am?,” she challenged Kim. “If you let them know what you did, then we can go from there.”
When OK! put this to Kim, she said that she only touched her former best friend after NeNe put her hands around her throat.
“I was not pleased with the stuff that’s coming out her mouth, but as far as putting your hands on somebody, absolutely not. I didn’t touch her first,” she said.
But Kim did concede: “She put her hand in my face after she choked me the first time, and I smacked her finger out of my face.”
“I think I was so shocked that someone would strangle me.”

My Encounter With Nene Leakes....Fabulous! BAM!

It was a fabulous night. I attended the signing of Nene Leakes' new book "Never Make the Same Mistake Twice. All I can say is that Nene is all that and a bag of chips. She made a grand entrance with her husband Greg, dressed tastfully in a blue ruffled tank and black stretch jeans with high heels. She is very tall and attractive in person, with a really great figure. She commented that she hadn't eaten in 4 days and she was quite svelte. After her entrance, Nene walked through the long lines of her fans waiting for signing and literally said hello and hugged almost every person there. She spent a good 10 minutes interacting with the crowd and joking about the Housewives. Coincidentally, during this time, Lisa Wu Hartwell called and Nene put the call on speakerphone so that we could all say hello to Lisa. Lisa was somewhere watching her son Justin's football practice. Apparently, Nene and Lisa are still friendly. Nene made some remarks about being uncomfortable that someone would pull off her weave(joke at Kim's expense). Greg quietly sat at the table with Nene and assisted her with the signing. They were also promoting Nene's cruise in November. The details can be found at
Nene is a genuinely very down to earth, nice, bubbly , hysterically funny person and it was an indeed a pleasure to meet her. I have always been on Team Nene but now I want to be the captain.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Atlanta Housewife Faced Foreclosure

Remember the bowling alley in Lisa and Ed's house last season? Well, if you did see it featured on an episode last season, you had better remember it because we won't see it ever again. It has come to my attention that Lisa and Ed Hartwell lost their dream mansion to foreclosure. It appears that Ed's involuntary retirement from the NFL has wreaked havoc on their finances. Noone is immune in this economy. Honestly, I feel their pain. I hope that they are happily settled in their new McMansion. reports on Ed and Lisa on their website. Check it out.

"Lisa Wu Hartwell of the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' is settled in a new home following news of an unexpected foreclosure, reported late Monday."Ed and Lisa are fine. They have settled in their home," a representative confirmed shortly after news broke that the reality star and her former Oakland Raiders hubby Ed Hartwell had lost the multi-million dollar home displayed on BRAVO's "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" last year.In documents obtained by TMZ, the housewife, who also has children with R&B singer/producer Keith Sweat, lost the multi-million dollar home after a bank foreclosed on the property and sold it shortly thereafter.Wu-Hartwell's home was valued at $2.9 million upon purchase in 2007 but sold for $1.9 million after foreclosure.According to Wu-Hartwell's rep, the couples new home sits on 10 acres and is completely owned by the couple."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sneak Peek at Nene Leakes' New Memoir................

We are 100% Team Nene fans and look forward to her book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Buckhead on Wednesday night. Barnes and Noble is not expecting a big crowd.... I am shocked!! The following is some dish written by Richard Eldredge at regarding the book. Check it out..........................

"......if you aren’t already familiar with Nene Leakes, the straight-talking, attitude-slinging breakout cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the author blurb on the back flap of her brand-new book fills you in.
On the dust jacket of “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way” written with Denene Millner, Leakes is described as: “An active member of Atlanta society. She resides in an upscale area of Atlanta with her husband Gregg and their two sons. Nene donates her time to various charities and founded the Twisted Hearts Foundation to bring awareness of domestic violence against women.”
The book officially hits stores on Tuesday as Leakes begins a whirlwind media tour for the tome. Fans of the hit Bravo reality show will likely love the book written in Leakes’ trademark sassy voice. And there’s no shortage of dirt dishing and mud flinging either.
For example, Leakes tells readers “I was a little lifted because I’d had almost an entire bottle of wine on an empty stomach to loosen up” for her first on-camera interview with producers to become a member of the “Real Housewives” cast. Oh, and she was wearing flip-flops, a wife beater and camouflage pants and her hubby Gregg was “on my last good nerve” at the time.
“Finally, I just said ‘Gregg, shut the hell up!’ right there with the cameras rolling and everything, honey!” Leakes tells the AJC with a laugh. “But I knew for real when that producer drove off, she was thinking ‘That’s one of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ right there.’ ”
Alas, Leakes concedes that being on a show that attracts millions of viewers each week can have its downside. Like when you’re trying to quietly buy some feminine hygiene products after hours at the Walgreen’s.
“Sometimes I’m not in the mood to be cute for people,” she explains. “But they’re not aware of the day I’ve had. That I’m tired and I’ve got cramps and I just need to buy some tampons. And then I see it on a blog that they can’t believe Nene is buying her tampons at Walgreen’s. Well, I hate to tell you but Neiman[-Marcus] and Saks [Fifth Avenue] don’t sell those!”
Leakes also writes about how she felt when she saw TV news reports about her and her family getting evicted from a rented house last year. In the book, she explains that the owner was being foreclosed on and the rent checks her family was sending in weren’t being used to pay the mortgage. She writes: “So finally we decided to move. We refused to pay another dime in rent because we felt like [the owner] wasn’t dealing with us in good faith.” (the issue was eventually settled in court).
“To see that splashed all over Fox 5 News, a station I’ve watched most of my adult life, was hurtful,” Leakes recalls. “Not only did they distort what happened but the two anchors were chit-chatting back and forth about me like they knew me!”
And while Leakes will likely have many admirers standing in line when she hits the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead starting at 7 p.m. Wednesday and the Borders in Lithonia at 7 p.m. on Thursday, her co-stars likely won’t be among the fans.
As predicted, Leakes lets loose in “Mistake” about the difficulties she’s encountered with wig-wearing nemesis Kim Zolciak and budding fashionista Sheree Whitfield.
Of Zolciak, Leakes writes: I’m not sure if she’s been clinically diagnosed but I’m convinced if she were to lie down on a doctor’s couch, a psychiatrist would surmise within minutes that Kim is a wack job.”
The title of the chapter devoted to Whitfield? “Watch the Girl Who Throws Rocks and Hides Her Hands.”
“I haven’t really thought a whole lot about how the other girls are going to respond to the book,” Leakes says. “But there’s nothing in that book that I wouldn’t say straight out to them to their face. I have a set of [male reproductive organs]. And my husband will tell you that when they drop out, it’s a terrible sight to see!”

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Picture of Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak's Big Poppa Finally Revealed!

I called it last year........and some skeptics did not want to believe it. Kim Zolciak's Big Poppa is none other than Lee Najjar. This is the first photo of the now separated couple,which was taken at The Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas in November, published on Here is the link to their post:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Nene Leakes Speaks Out about the Alleged Kim Zolciak Altercation

OMG! Was last night show over the top or what? I don't know who is the most blameworthy among the castmembers. As of this moment,I think Sheree is the most culpable. She seems to really talk trash behind both Kim and Nene's backs. And as I have previously mentioned, I think she is the #1 Housewife candidate for anger management therapy. Lisa has replaced Deshawn Snow as the most boring housewife. Yawn city.

The following is an exclusive Peachbuzz interview with Nene Leakes where she dishes her side of Chokegate. Enjoy!

"In an interview with the AJC Friday, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member NeNe Leakes said that no charges have been filed or a warrant issued for her arrest following a April 14 incident with castmate Kim Zolciak at Atlantic Station.
Leakes confirmed that a disagreement materialized between the two women as Bravo cameras rolled outside Taste clothing boutique, a 17th Street shop owned by Teresa Caldwell, the mother of Atlanta rapper Bow Wow.
According to a police report filed by Atlanta police officer R.J. Byers on April 15, he met Zolciak at the Atlanta shopping center where she reported Leakes attempted to choke her during an argument. Byers reports witnesses broke up the skirmish. The officer also stated he advised Zolciak to “take pictures of any bruises to her neck” and to go to the Fulton County courthouse with the witnesses and request a warrant for Leakes’ arrest.
“There was never a warrant and there was never an arrest,” Leakes told the AJC. “The cameras were there. Everyone will see what really happened when it airs on the show. Kim has a problem. You need to type that out in big, bold letters. If she feels threatened, she should. I would never claim that someone put their hands on me and tried to choke me if it didn’t happen. For real. If that happens to someone for real, I would advise them to call the police and have that person arrested. That clearly didn’t happen.”
Leakes said viewers can expect more fireworks in next week’s edition of the hit Bravo reality show. The episode will pick up from Thursday night’s explosive argument between feuding “Housewives” Zolciak, Sheree Whitfield and Leakes.
The trio initially met at French American Brasserie restaurant downtown to try and negotiate a truce. Things quickly spiralled out of control with name-calling and shouting as shocked FAB staffers and diners looked on in horror.
In previews for the next week’s show, the three are seen screaming at each other on the sidewalk outside the eatery on Ivan Allen Boulevard.
“There might just be some wig-pulling, yes!” Leakes said laughing. “We called it an intervention, after all. The people inside the restaurant actually applauded when we left. It was like, ‘Thank God, those bitches are finally out of here!’ “

Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Real Housewives of Atlanta''s NeNe on the Alleged Choking Incident at The Insider

'Real Housewives of Atlanta''s NeNe on the Alleged Choking Incident at The Insider

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Nene Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Schedules Buckhead Book Signing

Richard Eldredge from Peach Buzz at reveals that Nene Leakes will have a book signing next week for her new book "Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice". Yes, I will be attending to finally see the "eye poppin' lips bustin' " queen of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

"Want to catch a cast member from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in person but keep missing Kim Zolciak’s clueless observations about table-side guacamole-making at the Atlantic Station Rosa’s Mexicano?
Well, fan fave NeNe Leakes herself will be at two area book stores next week touting her brand-new book “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way”
On Aug. 12, she’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead starting at 7 p.m. On Aug. 13, she’ll sign and greet admirers at the Borders in Lithonia at 7 p.m.
So what can fans expect in “Mistake?”
Here’s the official word from publisher Touchstone: “Reality TV drama queen shares her wild journey from a scandalous past to the top of reality television stardom in an outrageous and captivating memoir. Charting her journey from family black sheep, single mother, to realizing her dreams and making good, NeNe shares intimate accounts of her past and the hard lessons learned in discovering her path to true love and self-acceptance. Written in her bold, tell-it-like-it-is voice, she also addresses the rumors about her past and dishes on her fellow members of the cast. She is a self-made woman who has not forgotten where she came from and knows exactly where she wants to go.”
Oh, and check back at Buzz Central early next week. We’ve booked an interview with Leakes to discuss her book and the second season of the hit Bravo series."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kim Zolciak Speaks With ET About Her Alleged Altercation With Nene Leakes

Kim Zolciak spoke with ET about her alleged altercation with Nene Leakes. I think an episode in which all of the housewives attend an anger management seminar is in order for Season 2.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" castmember Kim Zolciak is speaking out to ET about filing a police report against NeNe Leakes, who allegedly strangled Kim during a heated exchange.
Kim's publicist tells ET: "The police report that has went public today pertaining to my client Kim Zolciak and a serious physical altercation that was started by fellow housewife NeNe Leakes is a very serious matter that is still under investigation.
"Mrs. Leakes has now proven to the world that she is not the woman she claims. She has spoken publicly of being a former victim of domestic violence and her charity work to help others that have suffered the same. And then she would have such anger to choke my client instead of acting like a REAL woman and talking their personal conflicts out or simply walking away. Violence is a very serious issue and we are not going to be taking this incident lightly.
"Mrs. Leakes needs obvious therapy for her apparent anger management issues."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta Are Back and Better Than Ever.

And I am back, too! Enough down time. It's time to dish about my favorite biyatches, the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Round One Loser: Sheree!