Monday, August 10, 2009

Sneak Peek at Nene Leakes' New Memoir................

We are 100% Team Nene fans and look forward to her book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Buckhead on Wednesday night. Barnes and Noble is not expecting a big crowd.... I am shocked!! The following is some dish written by Richard Eldredge at regarding the book. Check it out..........................

"......if you aren’t already familiar with Nene Leakes, the straight-talking, attitude-slinging breakout cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the author blurb on the back flap of her brand-new book fills you in.
On the dust jacket of “Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way” written with Denene Millner, Leakes is described as: “An active member of Atlanta society. She resides in an upscale area of Atlanta with her husband Gregg and their two sons. Nene donates her time to various charities and founded the Twisted Hearts Foundation to bring awareness of domestic violence against women.”
The book officially hits stores on Tuesday as Leakes begins a whirlwind media tour for the tome. Fans of the hit Bravo reality show will likely love the book written in Leakes’ trademark sassy voice. And there’s no shortage of dirt dishing and mud flinging either.
For example, Leakes tells readers “I was a little lifted because I’d had almost an entire bottle of wine on an empty stomach to loosen up” for her first on-camera interview with producers to become a member of the “Real Housewives” cast. Oh, and she was wearing flip-flops, a wife beater and camouflage pants and her hubby Gregg was “on my last good nerve” at the time.
“Finally, I just said ‘Gregg, shut the hell up!’ right there with the cameras rolling and everything, honey!” Leakes tells the AJC with a laugh. “But I knew for real when that producer drove off, she was thinking ‘That’s one of the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ right there.’ ”
Alas, Leakes concedes that being on a show that attracts millions of viewers each week can have its downside. Like when you’re trying to quietly buy some feminine hygiene products after hours at the Walgreen’s.
“Sometimes I’m not in the mood to be cute for people,” she explains. “But they’re not aware of the day I’ve had. That I’m tired and I’ve got cramps and I just need to buy some tampons. And then I see it on a blog that they can’t believe Nene is buying her tampons at Walgreen’s. Well, I hate to tell you but Neiman[-Marcus] and Saks [Fifth Avenue] don’t sell those!”
Leakes also writes about how she felt when she saw TV news reports about her and her family getting evicted from a rented house last year. In the book, she explains that the owner was being foreclosed on and the rent checks her family was sending in weren’t being used to pay the mortgage. She writes: “So finally we decided to move. We refused to pay another dime in rent because we felt like [the owner] wasn’t dealing with us in good faith.” (the issue was eventually settled in court).
“To see that splashed all over Fox 5 News, a station I’ve watched most of my adult life, was hurtful,” Leakes recalls. “Not only did they distort what happened but the two anchors were chit-chatting back and forth about me like they knew me!”
And while Leakes will likely have many admirers standing in line when she hits the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead starting at 7 p.m. Wednesday and the Borders in Lithonia at 7 p.m. on Thursday, her co-stars likely won’t be among the fans.
As predicted, Leakes lets loose in “Mistake” about the difficulties she’s encountered with wig-wearing nemesis Kim Zolciak and budding fashionista Sheree Whitfield.
Of Zolciak, Leakes writes: I’m not sure if she’s been clinically diagnosed but I’m convinced if she were to lie down on a doctor’s couch, a psychiatrist would surmise within minutes that Kim is a wack job.”
The title of the chapter devoted to Whitfield? “Watch the Girl Who Throws Rocks and Hides Her Hands.”
“I haven’t really thought a whole lot about how the other girls are going to respond to the book,” Leakes says. “But there’s nothing in that book that I wouldn’t say straight out to them to their face. I have a set of [male reproductive organs]. And my husband will tell you that when they drop out, it’s a terrible sight to see!”