Friday, August 7, 2009

Nene Leakes Speaks Out about the Alleged Kim Zolciak Altercation

OMG! Was last night show over the top or what? I don't know who is the most blameworthy among the castmembers. As of this moment,I think Sheree is the most culpable. She seems to really talk trash behind both Kim and Nene's backs. And as I have previously mentioned, I think she is the #1 Housewife candidate for anger management therapy. Lisa has replaced Deshawn Snow as the most boring housewife. Yawn city.

The following is an exclusive Peachbuzz interview with Nene Leakes where she dishes her side of Chokegate. Enjoy!

"In an interview with the AJC Friday, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member NeNe Leakes said that no charges have been filed or a warrant issued for her arrest following a April 14 incident with castmate Kim Zolciak at Atlantic Station.
Leakes confirmed that a disagreement materialized between the two women as Bravo cameras rolled outside Taste clothing boutique, a 17th Street shop owned by Teresa Caldwell, the mother of Atlanta rapper Bow Wow.
According to a police report filed by Atlanta police officer R.J. Byers on April 15, he met Zolciak at the Atlanta shopping center where she reported Leakes attempted to choke her during an argument. Byers reports witnesses broke up the skirmish. The officer also stated he advised Zolciak to “take pictures of any bruises to her neck” and to go to the Fulton County courthouse with the witnesses and request a warrant for Leakes’ arrest.
“There was never a warrant and there was never an arrest,” Leakes told the AJC. “The cameras were there. Everyone will see what really happened when it airs on the show. Kim has a problem. You need to type that out in big, bold letters. If she feels threatened, she should. I would never claim that someone put their hands on me and tried to choke me if it didn’t happen. For real. If that happens to someone for real, I would advise them to call the police and have that person arrested. That clearly didn’t happen.”
Leakes said viewers can expect more fireworks in next week’s edition of the hit Bravo reality show. The episode will pick up from Thursday night’s explosive argument between feuding “Housewives” Zolciak, Sheree Whitfield and Leakes.
The trio initially met at French American Brasserie restaurant downtown to try and negotiate a truce. Things quickly spiralled out of control with name-calling and shouting as shocked FAB staffers and diners looked on in horror.
In previews for the next week’s show, the three are seen screaming at each other on the sidewalk outside the eatery on Ivan Allen Boulevard.
“There might just be some wig-pulling, yes!” Leakes said laughing. “We called it an intervention, after all. The people inside the restaurant actually applauded when we left. It was like, ‘Thank God, those bitches are finally out of here!’ “

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The Kitchen said...

Hmmm, interesting. I love me some Nene - and I think Kim is probably telling the truth here. We all know women talk behind friends' backs - but it's not always with malace. However, where Sheree is concerned, I think it is always with malace.
She's an angry woman...