Thursday, August 27, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Calls for Boycott of Atlanta Magazine Article

In today's PeachBuzz, Richard Eldredge reports about Kim Zolciak's boycott of the feature story in the September issue of Atlanta Magazine. According to Kim's website,
she was inaccurately portrayed in the article. I will definitely read this article and form my own opinion. I like this season's Kim....she refuses to take crap from anyone. Her recycled manager, Jonathan Jaxson is on it! Team Kim!

12:14 pm August 27, 2009, by Richard Eldredge
Just when things at Buzz Central were getting a little too quiet (it is late August, after all), comes word of a brand-new bitch slapping contest concerning —who else? — “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
Kim Zolciak has taken to her website under the headline ”Atlanta Magazine: Screw Off” to announce a boycott of the upcoming “Housewives” cover story in the September issue of Atlanta magazine describing it as “disgusting and manipulating.”
Zolciak claims she was “inaccurately portrayed” in the cover story written by Amanda Brown Heckert.
Since Buzz Central happens to have an advance copy of said story, let’s take a quick looksee to see what could possibly have set off the weave-whacked, aspiring vocalist.
The headline of the story?
“Trashionistas: Sound the Sirens! Just try not watch the train wreck that is The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
Oh, my.
Here’s the lead of Brown Heckert’s profile: “Five pretty Georgia peaches, plump with collagen and ripe with ambition, sit as still as Evian in the pool house of the Pink Palace, a ludicrously lavish villa that has housed generations of Buckhead socialites and, now that it’s for rent, a Ne-Yo video.”
And yet, despite her protestations, Zolciak has posted pictures of herself from the exquisitely camp-tastic Atlanta magazine 14-page photo spread featuring the Bravo reality stars.
Explains Zolciak: “Because the photos are gorgeous, I have posted them but please don’t waste your money or time in picking up this trash magazine.”
While the September Atlanta issue officially hits news stands next week, “Housewives” fans can get a preview of the story and pictures at Also, for a mere 99-cents, you can read the entire story by clicking here.
It was not immediately clear whether Atlanta magazine’s attorneys will host a tutorial on copyright infringement to Zolciak’s website administrators. After all, the publication’s creative team retains the rights to the photo spread Zolciak is generously posting all over her website.

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Scandalous Housewife said...

I am thinking there's something rotten with Sherr-Ray. I think she was talking some may-juh shit on the housewives to Kim, who repeated it. Kim is now the scapegoat for all the others, and Sherr-Ray is acting all, who? Me?