Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Encounter With Nene Leakes....Fabulous! BAM!

It was a fabulous night. I attended the signing of Nene Leakes' new book "Never Make the Same Mistake Twice. All I can say is that Nene is all that and a bag of chips. She made a grand entrance with her husband Greg, dressed tastfully in a blue ruffled tank and black stretch jeans with high heels. She is very tall and attractive in person, with a really great figure. She commented that she hadn't eaten in 4 days and she was quite svelte. After her entrance, Nene walked through the long lines of her fans waiting for signing and literally said hello and hugged almost every person there. She spent a good 10 minutes interacting with the crowd and joking about the Housewives. Coincidentally, during this time, Lisa Wu Hartwell called and Nene put the call on speakerphone so that we could all say hello to Lisa. Lisa was somewhere watching her son Justin's football practice. Apparently, Nene and Lisa are still friendly. Nene made some remarks about being uncomfortable that someone would pull off her weave(joke at Kim's expense). Greg quietly sat at the table with Nene and assisted her with the signing. They were also promoting Nene's cruise in November. The details can be found at
Nene is a genuinely very down to earth, nice, bubbly , hysterically funny person and it was an indeed a pleasure to meet her. I have always been on Team Nene but now I want to be the captain.


Scandalous Housewife said...

You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!

GingerATL said...

Yay for Nene! This is why she is America's favorite. Celebrities (even F-list one's like the Housewives) need to be appreciative of anyone who would shell out $19.99 to buy a product of theirs. After all, if it weren't for the public, they wouldn't be wealthy in the first place! You hear that Cameron Diaz? Ungrateful pig.