Sunday, November 9, 2008

Candid Confessions of Atlanta Store Managers About Big Poppa and Kimberly Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

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On Friday night,I had the pleasure of dining with some friends who are in the retail business.They are both managers of luxury retail clothing and accessory stores in Atlanta. I asked them whether any of the Real Housewives of Atlanta shop with them. One of my friends, who is the manager of a women's clothing store, said that Kim Zolciak shopped with her. The clothing in this particular store (not Dior which Kim constantly talks about) runs small. As any viewer of the show can clearly see, Kim is not petite in any sense of the word. She is a big chubby girl who flaunts her fake boobs all of the time. I was informed that Kim requested all of her shirts in size extra small so that her cleavage was always exposed. What an exhibitionist and attention seeker!! She added that Kim definitely had a compulsive spending problem and purchased one of everything, whether it fit her or not. Can you say obsessive compulsive disorder? I hope she is investing in a good therapist! My friend also stated that Kim was very loud and very demanding. On another occasion, my friend and some of her associates were at a table at a now defunct bar/restaurant called "The Clubhouse". Kim walked in and pitched a fit because my friend was sitting at "her table". Are you surprised? NOT! Where does she get the notion that the world revolves around Kim?

My other friend, who used to manage a very upscale French boutique which is known for its intialed handbags and accessories, said that Big Poppa Lee Najjar and his wife shopped there frequently. They spent alot of money but talked down to the manager and the employees.

Question: What does Mrs. Najjar thinks of Kim and the Real Housewives of Atlanta? I am curious to see how this all unfolds. Can you say Season 2?

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