Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Thoughts about Tonight's Real Housewives of Atlanta

My stream of consciousness random thoughts as I watch tonight's episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta:

Kim is a nicotine addicted alcoholic..no doubt. Lake Lanier is not in Atlanta...it is in Buford.Lake Lanier is the Redneck Riviera. The Atlanta elite never go to Lake Lanier...they fly to the coast or to the Caribbean. Cori...... why bother? Big Poppa's wife's name is also Kimberly.

Lisa's arms are way too muscular. Too much testosterone with the weight lifting? How about adding pilates?

ROFLMAO! Sheree is a fashion guru in Atlanta? According to whom? She didn't do enough business to keep her shop Bella Azul open. I will concede that she is the most attractive of the Housewives eventhough she may have had some assistance from Doctor 30327.

Nene is my favorite Housewife...go on you fabulous girlfriend. You are so real, so fun and tell it like it is! You can hang with us ITP (inside the Perimiter people) any time. However, why does she refer to herself in the third person? Has she formed a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit corporation for Twisted Hearts? Nenee, Atlanta Cougar can hook you up in this regard. Must check. Get Dwight to do Kim's hair.

She by Sheree.......clothing for the masses? Hmnnnnnnn. Viewing of the clothing line? Who died?Oh, I get it....the clothing line is a dud! Sheree doesn't want any riff raff at the viewing? Don't invite Kim.

Deshawn is one of those who keeps her kitchen and dining room tables set at all times....kind of like a model home or the Pottery Barn. Say what is on your mind, Nenee...."Sheree thinks she is a designer". Nenee is much smarter than I previously thought.....perhaps the most intelligent/street smart of all of the Housewives. Whatevs, Nenee.

NFL wives are "more snootier"....grammar please Lisa! Passive aggressive rivalry between Lisa and Deshawn regarding NFL Wives v. NBA Wives. Looks like Deshawn has won the ostentacious competition hands down.

Sheree pitches a fit... her samples look like shit..... it serves her right for waiting until the last minute to check out her samples. Get a clue! don't burn your bridges, sister.

Nenee ("don't mess with a diva..bam!)" is an alcoholic. Sheree and Kim no showed to Deshawn's sunset dinner...tacky tacky tacky. Money can't buy class or manners. "You reap what you sow"..tell it Nenee. What goes around comes around. Karma is a bitch. Yada yada yada.

The "it" people around town couldn't help Sheree with her viewing. Waaaaaaaaaah! She has burned her bridges in the fashion community in Atlanta....karma is a bitch! This viewing is the party I posted about in my post of August 3 . A viewing with no clothing? Ya got to be kidding me......what a cluster fuck! I am loving this.

Dwight Eubanks is the bomb and looks good for 50... thanks to some facial plastic surgery. And having sex 3 times a day? Dwight calls the viewing "a fashion show with no fashion.....a nothing". Exactly! He is a good business person...and his salon The Purple Door is a huge success here in Hotlanta.

Why does Lisa swim with her coverup on? Does she have some cellulite to hide? Thunder thighs? Ed gets a job with the Oakland Raiders. Lisa hates Oakland. Maybe she can transfer to the Real Housewives of California.

Linnethia is Nenee's real name! Is her ring diamond or cubic? Curtis is not Nenee's daddy!!

Can't wait for the finale next week to view the heated arguments between Lisa hartwell and Sheree. Details to follow.l

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