Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kim Zolciak .....A Nude Performer( Stripper)at the Cheetah in Atlanta?

Word on the blogs has it that Kimmie worked/danced at the Cheetah, a local strip club in Midtown Atlanta. I have read that Kimmie's alter ego was Barbie, the nurse. In fact, as I recall, Kimmie once mentioned that she "used to be" a nurse. Now I can speculate that she met Big Poppa, Lee Najjar, at the Cheetah and also any previous playa in her entourage. I know someone who is the ex General Manager of the Cheetah and also some other guys who frequent the Cheetah (see my post from October 2007). I will be checking in with them for more information. Details to follow.

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