Monday, November 3, 2008

Kai Medspa Owner Dishes about Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives of Atlanta

The following is an excerpt from the blog of the owner of Kai Medspa in Johns Creek, Georgia,,which was featured on the 10/28 episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The excerpt reveals the drama between Kim, Sheree and Nenee(what else do we expect?) and that Kim, one of the most overindulgent mothers in the history of the world, took her kids out of school to come to the spa when the FOKs (Friends of Kim) who promised to come out to the spa no showed. The owner closed the spa for the day for the filming and I only hope that she will make up her losses for the day in free publicity. Check this out:

"Kim Zolciak and her best friend, Cori Davenport showed up first. There was already “drama” going on when they arrived. Kim told me that she and Nene had dinner last night and she was scheduled to come to the spa…but what happened was that Nene found out that Sheree’ was coming with her friend and Nene decided not to come. Then Sheree’ had second thoughts and Kim was extremely upset because no one was coming! Kim had initially told me that 3 “housewives” were coming and each was bringing a friend. Therefore, I brought a big staff in from my other stores and I had other special items set up. Kim really has a big heart. Kim felt so badly because we had even closed the store on this day to do the filming, so she and Cori called the schools and took their daughters out early, so that they could come to kai. In the meantime, Sheree’ changed her mind and ended up coming. Kim was so relieved…"

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Anonymous said...

ugh..Kim was just sitting in her porsche drinking a glass of wine and smoking pretending to sing..then drives sad & vain, irresponsible gold digger=get a real job