Monday, June 23, 2008

A Story Almost Too Embarassing To Relate and Cougar is on a Mission

I have a story to share...but I have debated about whether I should even publish it on my blog. It happened last Friday night. CIT and I went out. Her husband was playing tennis and we were ready for a girls night out. She drove over and we took a cab to one of our local watering fact, it is a place which I frequent. We had about a bottle of wine before we left but it was over a period of an hour or two and we were munching on some snacks. We arrived at the bar of this popular restaurant and ordered a bottle of wine...and quite a good one at that. When we weren't served in 20 minutes, CIT decided it was time to find the manager and complain. Shortly thereafter, and after the moron bartender uncorked our bottle of wine and poured us each a glass, and CIT had a word or two with the bartender who was totally obnoxious, he came over and told CIT he was cutting her off because in his words, she was cursing at him, wouldn't look him in the eye and was slurring her words. Believe me, CIT was not intoxicated.....maybe a little buzzed but that is it. CIT does not look anyone in the eye and when I called the bartender out on this, he totally continued to make fun of CIT and in my humble opinion, humiliated her unnecessarily. The manager came over. He said that he had to back up his bartender for legal reasons. I had a heart to heart with the manager and informed him that as a lawyer, I could appreciate his corporate policy; however, he was totally wrong about CIT and described how the idiot bartender made fun of CIT and that the manager should be concerned about the shots that the douchebag bartender was pouring( on the house I surmise) for his redneck friends sitting next to us and challenged the manager to test our blood alcohol levels against those of the friends of the bartender sitting next to us. Moreover, we were not driving. The manager comped our appetizer and $65 bottle of wine. He apologized and offered us another future meal in the restaurant. We got up to leave, without giving the moron bartender a tip(I have never ever walked out without leaving a tip and always overtip) and he cursed us out which I promptly reported to the manager.

As I was left unnerved by this situation, I filed a complaint via email with the corporate headquarters in Florida. I was promptly contacted by the one of the corporate management team by telephone. I stressed the lack of customer service by the bartender and his insensitivity to someone who has a disability in not being able to look someone in the eye. We are treading on thin legal ice here as I do not think the corporation would like this to be made public to public interest groups representing the disabled. The corporate manager again offered up some gift certificates but I am going for the jugular and want to see this bartender reprimanded or even better, fired. The corporate manager was coming to Atlanta on Thursday and I am waiting to hear what transpired on their end.

I have never been more mortified in a restaurant or bar.....especially having a friend accused of something untrue. I am simply too old to have this happen and this Cougar won't take anyone's crap. I am a Cougar on a Mission!

Details to follow. If you would like to know where this happened, email me and I will let you know. If I do not get satisfactory results, I will publish the name of the bartender and the restaurant in this blog.

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