Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Flame is Simply Irresistible!

The Flame has the busiest days of his business year today and tomorrow. He still has no desk in his office. He came by for some aspirin and I gave him a glass top table and desk chair to use until he gets some furniture....I guess he is getting new furniture. The chair he has in his office is dilapidated. He acts like a fratboy bachelor when it comes to his personal office. It is pretty amusing.

The Flame has a way of engaging everyone. He has a great personality which makes him very very successful in his career and simply irrestistible. I know he is a playa and a bad boy, my favorite mistake. I am in lust but trying to stay composed and somewhat flighty. Men of all ages love the thrill of the chase and I would like this to be a long, elaborate chase.

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