Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Internet + Insomnia = Late Night Shopaholic Spending

Hello. My name is Atlanta Cougar and I am a self confessed slave to fashion and shopaholic. For anyone who has read this blog more than once, you will note that I almost always post late at night. I am most definitely a night person. My laptop sits on the pillow once occupied by others. At night, I like to watch guilty pleasure television which I have on my DVR and surf the net, reading the latest entertainment news(thanks Perezhilton.com), catching up on reading my favorite blogs and personal email.

Last night in the early hours of the morning, my shopping demons made a visit. After drooling over all of the wardrobe changes for SATC, for some reason I decided that I wanted the dress that Miranda wore in the beginning of the movie.....you know, the silk twill dress with the large retro geometric black and white print with the vintage gold belt, Gucci pumps and Alexander McQueen handbag. Alas, I found it on Nordstrom.com. It is sold out but I , too, will be sporting that dress come late July. Do I really need the dress? Hell no. Is it in my current budget? Hell no. Am I sure that I will wear it one time and never pull it out of the closet again? Hell yes. I certainly do not emulate Miranda except for a law degree and her business drive, but I do covet her newly aqcuired sense of sophistication and edgy style. Her movie wardrobe was such an improvement.

Am I smart enough to have an exit strategy? Hell yes. My goal is to sell the dress on Ebay once I grow tired out it. Now I find myself asking "why do I really really need/want this dress"? Any ideas?

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