Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Guilty Pleasure Television

As an avid television junkie, I hate the summer! Repeats, repeats and more repeats. However, one of my all time favorite television shows has returned. Yes! Weeds on Shotime. Mary Louise Parker is brilliant as Agrestic soccer mom by day and pot dealer by afternoon. The cast is fabulous and the dialogue, clever and hysterical. Kudos to the producers for switching up the plot line this season by burning down hometown Agrestic and moving the Botwins to Southern California. The addition of the talented Albert Brooks to the cast as Nancy's father-in-law is flawless.

I also enjoyed the premiere of Shotime's new show, Secret Diary of a Call Girl.....maybe an English prostitute version of Sex and the City?

Other than Weeds, I don't really have a substantive television lineup. Here is my list of somewhat embarassing guilty pleasure television :

The Bachelorette-Deanna is a Georgia girl and very genuine although I wish she would stop blinking so much. I do like the bachelors....particulary Jeremy, the hunky lawyer from Dallas.

Hell's Kitchen-watching Gordon Ramsay is like watching your worst nightmare of a boss.

Real World LA- the best Real World in ages.......rehab, fights,drinking, drugs....la dolce vita!

Denise Richards-who ever knew she was such trailer trash? A potty mouth train wreck!
You Think You Can Dance-mindless entertainment.

She's Got the Look- America's Top Model for the Cougar crowd

My Life on the D List---Kathy Griffin is hysterical.

Obviously I have too much time on my hands! Any other shows to add to the list?

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