Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City Fashion....... It's All About the Belt

I am still reeling from seeing Sex and the City the Movie......the fashion, the friendships, the fun, the other f know what I mean. Fashionwise, SJP had 83 wardrobe changes. Amazing. Carrie was fashion forward and funky, Charlotte was preppy and classic, Samantha was flawless in her business attire and her party clothes and ,shock of shocks, they finally gave Miranda a sense of style and an improved haircut. One of the most stand out fashion statements of the movie.. the return of the belt.....on everything, dresses, skirts, pants, name it. I have some of the most fabulous belts which are left overs from the 80s! My parents were in the fashion accessories business so I always had an overabundance of handbags, belts and costume jewelry. I still have several of my vintage handbags and almost all of my belts. After watching the movie, I pulled the belts out of storage. Today I wore a killer double wide brown leather belt over my " of the moment" tunic. The tunic sported turquoise, brown and white which work beautifully together. White slacks. Brown sandals.The outfit really worked. I am always thrilled when I can bring together otherwise unlikely elements from my wardrobe into one good look. Today I succeeded.

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