Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin Soap Opera - You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Family values? Bristol Palin gets her drink on!! Hope these were taken pre pregnancy!

Sarah Palin shows her family values!

Well, I am thoroughly convinced that the Republican pundits are even dumber than I originally thought.......Sarah Spears Palin as Vice President? I might just bust my gut laughing at this ridiculous choice or leave the country out of sheer fear that a wanna be beauty queen could potentially be our Commander in Chief one day. Consider the following:

Sarah is a grown up Jon Benet beauty pageant runner up.. not even a winner and I just despise that entire scene

  • She did college on the five year plan and attended 3 colleges but graduated from the University of Idaho....a 3rd tier school which accepts 77% of its applicants...and she only got in as a tranfer student. Who da 'ho? Sarah da ho!

  • She loves to eat moose and is a card carrying NRA member who loves to hunt

  • She is a member of the Assembly of God....a pentecostal church.... she probably speaks in tongues, prays with snakes and as is far right as one can be.

  • She is the mother of 5.....a slow young 19 year old who couldnt get into college and joined the army, a pregnant 17 year old slut who missed months of school when she reportedly had mono, 2 middle children and a 4 month old down syndrome baby......even though Sarah claims to have "family values" she obviously cannot manage her own family. The teenager uses the down syndrome baby to cover her blossoming belly when Sarah was introduced on national television as the candidate. Why didn't the Enquirer pick up on this as fast as John Edward's affair?

  • Sarah married the professional ski mobiler in 1988. Her son is 19+. Probably was a real shotgun wedding! You do the math! Like mother, like daughter.

  • Wow......Sarah has so much foreign policy experience.....imagine she has left the country 3 times in 44 years!!!! Such a world traveler.....she has been to Ireland, Germany and Kuwait(yes she is in the hands of the oil lobbyists) and this is why McCain needs her as his trophy VP.....since he already has a trophy wife.

  • Sarah and Lynn Spears should co-author a book on parenting...birds of a feather.....trailer trash kindred sisters.

  • If John McCain dies while in office, this hussy could be our President....I am frightened of this prospect. What is Sarah gets knocked up while in the White House and John McCain succumbs to cancer or heart disease? Yikes!

This presidential race is now more interesting than the Young and the Restless....and a lot trashier. And I am shocked that the powers that be did not give Sarah a makeover because she is the epitome of a fashion faux pas. ....get rid of the stripper hair and the unflattering glasses.

This is like Barney Fife on Andy of Mayberry running as VP to John least they could have picked a cool Alaskan like one of the characters on Northern Exposure.

I only hope that others share my views about the poorest choice in election history and that this will allow more voters to see that Barak Obama is the only choice for President.


inexactscience said...

The very thought of her as president is horribly frightening. Also, that picture of her is so bizarre. She definitely has "swinger" written all over her. How the hell does that pic even wined up on the internet? And why do I have a funny feeling that there are probably Sarah Palin nudes floating around somewhere on the internets.

Atlanta Cougar said...

I agree with you 100%. The buzz I am hearing is anti-Palin. I hope its more than the circle I travel in. We need to spread the word about Palin. It would have been fun to have seen Palin debate Hillary. Some say that she may step down before the election. I hope so.

Another point...maybe if Palin were in favor of sex education in schools, her daughter might not have been knocked up. And creationism?

inexactscience said...

Hey, I think we've been had. That picture of Sarah Palin might just be a photoshop. A damn good photoshop though.