Thursday, January 15, 2009

Atlanta Cougar Headed to Las Vegas This Weekend!

When life gets tough and an escape from your personal hell is a necessity, the party animals get going and a weekend trip to Vegas will put the wiggle back into your walk. After the loss of Coco, I was down in the dumps. One of my running buddies who lives in Salt Lake suggested a jaunt to the Pigskin Classic Slot Tournament at the Bellagio. They must be hurting if they invited me for 3 free nights and several hundred dollars in Free Play. I am going to take full advantage while I am able and will head out tomorrow afternoon!! What will ensue? Who knows? A given--- too many cocktails, acting crazy and flirting! And if I am lucky, maybe breaking even or winning a few dollars! My friend J and I wreaked some havoc during our last trip. The slot tournament involves simply showing up at a big party with all kind of specialty drinks and food and hitting your fist on a slot machine for 10 minutes. Each person plays 3 rounds of 10 minutes over a 2 day period. The first prize is $20,000 cash and last prize is $100 in Free Play. Totally a blast!

Wish me luck and I will report back early next week!

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