Friday, January 9, 2009

Sheree Whitfield's Divorce Case Scheduled for Monday

Scoop courtesy of Rick Eldredge of Atlanta Journal Constitution's Peach Buzz:

"On the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree Whitfield expressed a desire for a “seven figure” settlement from her ex-husband and former Atlanta Falcons player Bob Whitfield. She has since said very little about the case because of legal wranglings.
She received a settlement last year but wasn’t happy with it. So she has appealed it all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court. The case is scheduled to be heard Monday.
Her attorneys have painted her as a high school graduate with limited skills to earn income. If the settlement remains the same, she won’t be able to stay at her $2.6 million home. She receives $113,422 a year from the divorce, not enough for her to live the lifestyle she’s used to and clearly not at the level that the hit Bravo show conveys. Sheree also received a lump sum of $775,000, shares of Whitfield’s retirement pension, nearly half the marital property and child support.
Additional factoids thoughtfully provided by a Fulton County court public information officer:
Whitfield is “appealing a Fulton County Court’s refusal to grant her alimony and a new trial. Under a 2003 pilot project, the high court has agreed to review all challenges to final divorce decrees that are not deemed frivolous.”
“Bob and Sheree Whitfield separated after three years of marriage in 2003 and divorced after seven in 2007. … The trial court awarded her custody of the children and $2,142.87 a month in child support. It also awarded her a division of the marital property totaling more than $1.1 million and including a lump sum payment of $775,000. It gave her half of the marital portion of three NFL retirement plans. But the court did not award alimony.
“The court awarded him nearly all the real estate, including four homes, and the recording studio, Patchwerks, which he founded. Her lawyers moved for a new trial over the denial of alimony. The lower court denied the motion, and she now appeals to the Supreme Court.”
The possible upside to all this divorce drama? If cameras are allowed into the courtroom, the second season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” potentially could provide 15 or more seconds of watchable television. Oh, and if Sheree somehow manages a bigger payday, perhaps the alleged fashion “designer” will be able to afford classes in sewing and stitching —- services she unsuccessfully farmed out to others in Season 1."


The Kitchen said...

OMG - isn't it amazing the lengths people will go to get $$? So sad!

Jasmine said...

Case Dismissed! Bob is broke! She can't get any more money because there is none! The reason Bob is broke is because he has been paying his legal fees and "her" legal fees. That is money they could've kept between the two of them instead of giving it to attorneys. When will people learn, fighting it out in court only makes the attorneys rich! That is money they could've divided and invested.

Atlanta Cougar said...

Yes, Jasmine...backfired right in her face! I suspect I will see her on the man hunt at some Atlanta functions.

Anonymous said...

has anyone told her she is TORE UP?