Friday, May 15, 2009

Sheree Whitfield Unveils Her She by Sheree Clothing Line

Sheree Whitfield unveiled her new She by Sheree collection at the W Hotel Perimeter in Atlanta on Wednesday night. Sheree arrived in a cinderella horse drawn carriage....I give it to her....this is one divalicious entrance. The fabulous Dwight, Kim and Kandi were all in attendance.
The following is DListed's commentary about Sheree's clothing line. You can find more pictures and commentary of the fashion show on his blog:
"Kim and this creature of my dreams came together last night at the runway show for ShebySheree (pronounced HEbyHEREE, because the S is silent). Yes, Sheree from The Real Housewives of Atlanta finally pulled together enough discarded napkins, discount jeans from the swap meet and pubic hair for a runway show for her clothing line. You can find HebyHeree in a discount bin at Ross Dress for Less near you!"


Scandalous Housewife said...

Where's NeNe? And is Dwight cheating on her with Sheree?

Mrs. M. said...

Someone needs to tell those dudes to go easy on the eyebrow plucking. Overplucking is a slippery slope and they have obviously gone off the deep end.

Grimfairy said...

I thought Nene's stylist couldn't stand Sheree? Why is he at her "SHE" opening? ICK...he should have stayed home w/Nene.