Wednesday, May 28, 2008

James Taylor is Chicken Soup for the Soul

I love James Taylor..........whenever I hear his music, I am in a good place.......mellow and chilled out.

I had the pleasure of seeing him perform at Chastain Park on Sunday night. I went with CIT and her husband, my second GBF and Color Goddess, the colorist who works wonders on my color and highlights. If you want natural looking color and highlights, email me and I will give you Color Goddess' name and phone number. She is with one of the snooty salons in Buckhead( although she is not that way at all). She works wonders with blonde hair color and I can never figure out who is a natural blonde. I have light brown hair with blonde highlights. I used to have dark brown hair but the color and the curl are gone!

Back to the subject at hand, the weather was spectacular and Chastain was packed. My second GBF, who is a caterer, prepared some wonderful appetizers and of course we had more than enough wine. In fact, we started our personal party at my house at 6pm so we had a 2 hour jump in catching a buzz. JT sold out 3 back to back shows. He played from 8:10 until 10:45 with only a 20 minute break. You have to remember his is over 50! His voice is still youthful and melodic. He has gone bald but if I close my eyes I can remember how cute he looked on Sweet Baby James, the ultimate JT album of all times.

Ofcourse you are not permitted to bring cameras into Chastain but that didn't stop me from taking some great photos. Those of you who know me know that I never like to follow the rules. I posted the picture in which he is singing directly to me. :)

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