Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What happened to my 'hood?

I love living in the Murphey Candler Park neighborhood. Until this past December, it was one of the best hidden treasures in Atlanta. The focal point of the neighborhood is a nice lake and a great 1 1/2 mile trail around it through the woods. Very peaceful and serene. A great place to picnic or walk your dog or to jog or just feed the ducks.

As an avid dog walker and exercise fanatic, I know most of the regulars. About 5 years ago, a psycho invaded our private nirvana.....he and his dog periodically lived in a van in the parking lot of the pool. It was evident he was a certifiable nutcase/whackjob and my internal radar told me to keep away. Over the years, he learned the name of my dog and called her by name. At times I worried that he watched me walk home and knew where I lived.

Can you guess who this is? Gary Michael Hilton.....the serial killer who killed Meredith Emerson, a young woman hiking in the North Georgia Mountains, a nurse in Florida and a couple in North Carolina. Yes, I know a serial killer. He was literally a stone's throw from my home for 5 years and the police did nothing to prevent his crazy behavior and verbal attacks on my neighbors.

Tonight on the news I learned that there is another psycho hanging out in the park. They showed a picture of him with his face blurred. He is following young children into the restrooms at the ballpark. What is wrong with the Dekalb County Police? Why don't they just apprehend him and prevent future problems.

I am saddened by what has transpired in my 'hood. Now I am afraid to walk the trail around the lake alone. Do not ever depend on the Dekalb County Police. They suck big time.

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