Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jumping Back on the Bandwagon.....No More Dateless in a Down Economy

I have been absolutely remiss about posting on my blog lately...come to think about it, I have been remiss about alot of things lately......... ie. having a man in my life other than my male running buddies. Thanks to our poor economy, I have been enmeshed in the minutae of being a small business owner......taxes, accounts receivable, cash flow, marketing and every other boring aspect you might dream of. All of this leads me to believe that I cannot develop new relationships when I am having troubles at work. Is it too much to ask to be a baroness in the boardroom and a feisty cougar in the dating game?

Why is it that I cannot concentrate on both the social and business aspects of my life in a down economy? These are things I did not learn in micro or macro economics.

So here you see it in writing, I am jumping back on the dating bandwagon. Yes sir, I am going to force myself to go out on a date. I think I have blown off at least four potential "Mr. Rights" in the last month. Hopefully, I can step in and recruit them again. I certainly don't want to remain dateless in a down economy.

And while I am making promises, I vow to blog on a more regular basis. And hopefully, I will have some fun, juicy stories to share.

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A Dating Diary said...

whoa! it had been awhile!