Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flame Update

Now that I have gotten over my bloganoia, here is the latest on the Flame. He rarely comes to the office and he still hasn't furnished his office. Last week before the holiday he stopped by one afternoon and said he was ready for happy hour. He wanted to schedule it for July 3 in the evening but we closed the office at noon and I was going to see Pat Benatar that evening. He suggested we start happy hour at noon!! I knew there was not a chance in hell that he would show up as he has never arrived in his office before 3pm, if at all. Ofcourse he wasn't there at noon and I left.

Flame popped into the office yesterday afternoon and he brought 2 of his 3 kids over to meet me. Cute kids. He wants to schedule happy hour again. He is such a charmer but I am onto him! Definitely a player bad boy. As such, my feelings and expectations have changed. Friendship is all I want with the Flame. I have a feeling that he may not even be a reliable friend. I can definitely see why this man is divorced. Probably drove his ex wife loco!

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Blogger Diva said...

He sounds like trouble with a capital T. In fact, does his name start with a T.