Friday, July 18, 2008

I feel like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole

I have been walking around with a toothache from hell. The kind that gives you constant discomfort even after taking 4 advil 4 times a day. About a month ago, my dentist told me that there was nothing wrong with the tooth and that maybe I was flossing too roughly. I called my dentist on Monday only to discover that he is on his Parisian honeymoon. I immediately called my oral surgeon who has operated on me in the past. I went to see him on Tuesday and he told me he needed to perform an apicoectomy in which the surgeon cuts your gums open and removes the infected tissue and actually cuts the tip of the root out of the jaw.

Anyway, back to pain. He prescribed my most favorite drug, Meprozine 50mg/25 mg, which is a form of morphine mixed with some anti nausea medicine. Here is a link to a site about this narcotic. I took the pill on the way home from the surgeon's office and the drug really hit me hard and fast. It hit me as I was reading and I just spaced out and was waving to someone who was not in the room. I knew it was time to pack in my attempt to read. It is one of the best buzzes ever and I basically slept for the next 24 hours in a sleep with vivid dreams and hallucinations. This is probably what an acid trip is like. Too bad I didnt try to blog in this Alice in Wonderland state. Hmnnnnnn maybe I will take another and then blog about my incoherent trip down the rabbit hole.

In you are ever in need of oral surgery, definitely ask for Meprozine 50mg/25mg.

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oooh! I will have to remember this! that sounds fun!