Thursday, July 31, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta Hits the Airwaves...the Most Obnoxious Yet!

Last night, in my typical insomniac style, I happened upon the 30 minute sneak preview of the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo. These cougars are extremely self- absorbed and have upped the bar on narcissism, flashy, obnoxious behavior and being tres nouveau rich!! Ugh! Noone technically lives in Atlanta...they all live OTP. They would like the audience to believe that they run the city. Ha! I have socialized in both society and non-profit circles and have never met one of them.

Kudos to Bravo for finally adding some color!
The following is a brief biopic of the playas(my initial comments in red) from Bravo's website:

"Well you loved (or loved to hate) them in Orange County, then New York City, and now the Real Housewives are coming to Atlanta! The series will follow the lives of five women:

Sheree Whitfield:Single socialite Whitfield, a resident of the elite Sugarloaf subdivision.She is a busy working mother to three children -- Tierra, Kairo and Kaleigh. Whitfield prides herself on her fashion sense, and owned her own upscale clothing boutique -- Bella Azul -- for years before closing up shop (merchandising blunder) to focus on her next business venture, a clothing line called "She by Sheree ."

NeNe Leakes Leakes: resides in the upscale Sugarloaf area of Atlanta with her husband Gregg, a successful real estate investor and business consultant, and their two sons, 18-year-old Brice and nine-year-old Brentt. Leakes donates her time to various foundations and is the founder of The Twisted Hearts Foundation(never heard of it.....let's hear about its accomplishments), which brings awareness to domestic violence against women. Leakes also hopes to open a luxury boutique hotel in the very near future( Atlanta needs another hotel...go ask Tori Spelling about her B & B).

Kim Zolciak:Kim(total gold digger with bad plastic surgery) is single and lives in an exclusive gated townhouse community in Duluth, GA with her two children, 11-year-old Brielle and six-year-old Ariana. She calls her sugar daddy "Big Poppa" to buy her an Escalade on a whim. She also has her sights set on fame in the music business as a country singer, and is currently working with Grammy award-winning mega-producer Dallas Austin and will begin recording an album this year(money would be better spent on fixing your bad plastic surgery).

DeShawn Snow: Snow and her husband Eric, captain of the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently moved to their dream home in Alpharetta, GA. (She has an "estate manager" (slave) to manage her staff....and is too snooty to call her own father to see if he would like any special foods when he visits. After showing off her ostentatious home, she bitches about buying vodka and Bailey's for her dad.......get real...not in the budget? At least Eric is humble enough to call his father.)Mother to three boys(not a hands on mom...has a nanny, governess, maids,cheff -- nine-year-old EJ, six-year-old Darius and five-year-old Jarren, Snow is an active member of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church(probably sends the estate manager to pray for her .Jesus doesnt't do snobby DeShawn). She exercises her faith by running The DeShawn Snow Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on improving self-esteem in teenage girls(never heard of it....let's hear about what this is really about). She is a regular on the Atlanta social circuit and extremely active in local philanthropy, sitting on the board of three different charities(yeah,me,myself and I).

Lisa Wu Hartwell: Hartwell, a resident of a luxurious country club community in Duluth, GA, is a busy career woman who wears many hats -- she owns her own real estate firm, Hartwell & Associates, a jewelry line called Wu Girls, a baby clothing line, Hart 2 Hart Baby, and juggles budding acting, modeling, and writing careers. She's a devoted wife to her husband, NFL player Ed Hartwell, and their three children 13-year-old Jordan, ten-year-old Justin and one-year-old EJ. (Like this couple the most.......and they are in great physical shape).

Check back soon for more info on the ladies and the new season! Peace up, A-Town down. (Sorry -- couldn't help it.)"

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A Dating Diary said...

Wow. This does suck. This doesn't represent Atlanta at all- they don't even live ITP!!!!

Yeah, I wouldn't say this documents what its like here. And sugarloaf is pretty much duluth (isn't it duluth), so this documents Gwinnett county?

eh. I hate to be petty, but thats bs. None of the husbands are even interesting.