Thursday, October 23, 2008

As the Beatles Sing...."They Say Its Your Birthday.."

This is a birthday weekend spectacular. It starts tomorrow night with the 40th birthday party for my friend Wine Aficionado. She is so smart, beautiful and fun and enjoys a great bottle of wine and we have thrown back a bottle or two.

Saturday is a double birthday celebration...the 16th birthday of Rock and Roller's daughter and the birthday of yours truly!! We are having a birthday dinner ( a table of my friends and family and a table of 16 year old girls) at the private club associated with and adjoining a very popular Atlanta restaurant which has about 6 or 7 of the best restaurants in town. This is probably the only exclusive club in which I am a charter member. I wonder if any of the Real Housewives of Atlanta are members.....I have never seen any of them there but I will find out tomorrow night if any one of the group is a member. I would venture to guess that Lee Najjar is a member. We shall find out.

I am booked for a flight to Vegas on Monday night for a Slot Tournament at the Bellagio. I still have not decided if I will go and all signs point to maybe. For the first time since 2001, not one client has paid its invoice this week and the cash flow sucks. Details to follow.

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A Dating Diary said...

Hello!!!!! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a divine evening filled with fabulous food, friends and fun!