Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does the Atlanta Magazine Blog Blow the Lid on Big Poppa?

The following blog entry appears on the Atlanta Magazine website and it alleges that Lee Najjar is "Big Poppa":

"Kim (Kimberleigh) Zolciak's "Big Poppa's" identity is all over the internet and confirmed by pausing the show while Kim is texting Sheree Whitfield outside of Blue Genes. "Big Poppa" is Atlanta's own MARRIED real estate developer Lee Najjar. His name and little "Miss You" messages are shown on her text message in-box on her cell phone. So now the question is what does Mrs. Najjara (Kimberly Najjar - convenient that first names are the same just spelled differently) have to say about this embarrassing situation? The sparks should be flying in Buckhead!"

One of her alleged friends answers with the following come back:

"Wow, you guys are a mess. I am a friend of Kims, I can assure you his name is not Lee. Kim's best friend growing up is Lee so Yes there probably is texting going on, but her FIANCEE is a CELEBRITY. not married in fact she is engaged. It will be funny to watch the show and see what America says when she gets a RING"....BarbaraPosted by: Barbara at 10/17/2008 8:49 PM

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