Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Cancel Atlanta Radio Appearance

I took copious notes during last night's The Real Housewives of Atlanta show. I was both entertained and sickened by the obnoxious housewives. I will transcribe my notes later but in the meantime, the following appeared on the website this morning. It seems that the housewives are afraid to come out of their mcmansions due to possible "ambush". Read on !
"According to Atlanta’s V-103, this morning’s much-hyped appearance of the ‘Real Housewives of Atanta‘ cast on the #1 rated Frank & Wanda Morning Show was canceled because the cast members and Bravo felt the Morning Show’s on air personalities would “ambush” the ladies.
The Morning Show’s Frank Ski, Wanda Smith, Miss Sophia and the show’s producer Nina Brown and Ramona DeBreaux, vigorously and loudly defended themselves on the air.
According to Morning Show producer Nina Brown, Bravo called her and said, “from the experience the girls had at the radio station today with another person on the Morning Show [Miss Sophia]… it is in our best interests that we cancel this interview because they feel they will be ambushed.”
Nina responded, “We have had way more controversial people on our airwaves and we have not ambushed any of them.”

Later in the show, cast members Sheree Whitfield and Nene Leakes called into the studio to explain why they didn’t appear on the Frank & Wanda Morning Show this morning.
Nene expressed her hurt and dismay that Atlantans weren’t embracing the show and its cast. While Sheree continued to insist that she was portraying her real lifestyle on the show."

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