Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lost But Not Forgotten

I lost but got a nice crystal consolation prize. Although I did not expect to win, I am still disappointed. Nothing a few glasses of my favorite, Norton Reserve Malbec, can't cure! $12.99 at Costco and highly recommended. Never a headache or hangover!


adatingdiary said...

I'm sorry you didn't win!

Wine is always a great consolation prize, though. Is there anything wine can't do??

Sleaze Patrol Captain said...

Wine is the drink of the goddesses and that would include all of us. Seriously, as someone who has tasted most wines on the market, Norton Malbec rocks! And I did drink half a bottle with some junk food(which I never ever eat if sober). Let's see.....Caramel popcorn with pecans, twizzlers and hot tamales! I feel fat as a cow today! Moo!

adatingdiary said...

oh! world market- great wine sale.

Gave me the excuse to buy six bottles yesterday.

Pan/Thanatos said...

Hey, cool blog.
It's good to see someone finally taunting the benefits of an affordably priced wine.
I get sick and tired of elitists telling me i should cram my gullet full of $75+ wines that probably taste no better or worse.

Atlanta Cougar said...

Welcome to the Cougar's Den Pan!!

I would like to put the Norton Reserve up in a blind taste test with some $75 wines and see which one is selected as the best.

Your blog rocks. I am adding you to my blog roll.

Pan/Thanatos said...

Hey, thanks Cougar! I'll be adding a blogroll in the coming days, and I'll certainly return the gesture.
I would love to see that study. There was a recent one done which came up with the result that telling people a wine is more expensive makes it taste better. Let's see what happens when there is no mention of prices.