Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vegas Wrap Up Part 1

Well, CIT and I arrived in Vegas raring to go!! We checked into the Bellagio, unpacked and hit the casino. The slot gods were very very good to us on Saturday. I hit my favorite slot machine, affectionately know as "darling" and I played him like a fiddle. Mandarin and sodas, my drink of choice in Vegas, ensued. CIT also really get into the slots. On the wheel of fortune, each time we hit the sought after "spin" wheel, we yell "Wheel of Misfortune" followed by "big money, big money , big money"! Our enthusiasm is infectious and we engage any and everyone sitting around us with our gambling rituals. As we get our drink on, sometimes as we hit the wheel turning spin, we are obsessed with the ritual of marching around our bank of machines and we also make everyone around us do the same. Big fun and most people get into it! Cougar needs a new pair or three of Manolos!

We went to the Bette Midler show at Caesars Palace. She is amazing. As a 62 year old cougar, she looks phenomenal.....svelte and a face free of wrinkles........I would love to get the name of her plastic surgeon. She sang and dance better than when she was in her 20's! We also saw Love, the Cirque de Soleil tribute to the Beatles on Sunday night. It was my 5th time to see the show and CIT's first. I told her that it was a life changing experience and she finally got it. Put all the Beatles music to great choreography with great costuming, story line and stunts and even then this show is indescribable. The soundtrack from Love won 2 Grammies this year and I highly recommend it.

More gambling and more cocktails...... and alot of men .......especially in the SportsBook! If you want to see men in their element...gambling, drinking and watching sports, get to the Sports Book in any casino. Disneyland for women. I will take the E ticket, thank you very much!!

We saw Hurley from Lost playing blackjack at the $100 minimum table. I didnt see any other Hollywood personalities.

We were invited by an older man from Texas whom we met at the craps table(another man magnet where the ratio of men to women is at least 8:1) to play Baccarat. I had never played this game before. It is sort of like "Go Fish" for adults. He was a VIP....and very inebriated. We played and he gave us his leftover chips.....we tried to hand them back but he protested. He was there with his son and some friends. He did try to put his tongue down my throat. Gag me! The good news is that we ended up with $2000 in chips. Can you imagine what he would give someone who would kiss him or more? Speaking of men and money, there were so many hookers.........we counted hookers like you would count girl scouts selling or more on every corner....and most of them are attractive......biyatches!!!

The rest of the weekend? Drink,drink ,eat, gamble, flirt and LOSE MONEY!! I lost my gambling mojo and my favorite slot machine went from being called "darling" to "slut". There goes my Chanel bag!

Oh, and I got in trouble for trying to take pictures in the I dont have pictures of hotties to share.

Trust me, there were enough hotties to go around for everyone....cougars and cougarettes....

.....I recommend a Vegas weekend for all cougars and cougarettes....... great fun and great stories.....more to follow!


adatingdiary said...

Glad you had fun! Sorry about the Chanel bag. That sucks!!

Can't wait to read part 2!

Sleaze Patrol Captain said...

I know.... I am addicted to handbags and is ridiculous....I will publish a pic of my closet one day.

Part 2 coming tonight