Monday, March 24, 2008

The Peter Pan Syndrome.....Some Men Never Grow up!

Some men, even in their 60's never grow up. Take Narcissistic Buckhead Real Estate Developer ("NBRED") for example. Without mentioning names, although you can probably figure it out, or email me and I will tell you, NBRED is one of the wealthiest men in Atlanta. He, together with another man, built the original Buckhead village and owned all of the buildings in the Buckhead bar district. He has always favored himself as quite the ladies man. Being a weathy man who flashed cash all over, he could pretty much buy the affection of many women in Buckhead. He is not good looking at all. Always had that bad skin never treated pizza face acne scarring going on. He thought his sh_t didnt stink! He was always in an entourage and could be found in Buckhead bars any night of the week. He still is in the Capital Grille most nights of the week. As far as I know he never had a girlfriend for any length of time and he never married. Flash forward to 2007. One night a male Buckhead playa, who is a well known sports agent/attorney, took my friend and me to Cheetah after we had our drink on. We had had way too many. I was always curious about that place and had never been to a strip club. So, the playa takes us there and we are ushered into the VIP room. Ironically, I knew the manager as he used to be the GM at Chops. He took us to a table next to the catwalk and I told him to please seat me with my back towards the stage as I didnt want any vajayjays in my vicinity. It was a trip...literally and of the stripper slipped and almost feel into my lap. I freaked and she quickly said " I am in medical school and have a child" like that has anything to do with the price of tea in China. Whatever.

Buckhead playa was getting lap dances as he is a regular and spends tons of money there.

Getting back to the walks NBRED. He is a neighbor of playa. He tells me that NBRED only dates strippers...I guess he can't date anyone close to his age or even close to his age. He has to pay for any female attention. His pizza face is sagging and he is drunk. So am I. I call him out on his behavior. He still behaves like he is 25 and can pick up any woman . Wrong! Take a look in the mirror and get a plastic surgeon pronto as you need some work!!

Fast forward to Vegas last week. It is 1 am and I am in the casino at Bellagio. NBRED comes strolling by me. I do a double take. WTF is he doing here? He announces that he has bought a condo at the Palms casino, which is in the same building which houses the Playboy Club. I guess he has gone through all of the strippers in Atlanta and has to come to Vegas to get any action. I bet he pays for hookers right and left. He will never grow up. Sad sad sad.

Watch out for men with the Peter Pan syndrome. A total waste of time unless you just want a few drinks.

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