Friday, March 14, 2008

Many things I've learned about men have been from Howard Stern

I love listening to the Howard Stern show. I listen in the car and then on pc at the office. The show draws you in and Howard, Artie, Fred, Robin, Gary and the rest of the Wack Pack speak freely and without the sanctions of the FCC and the censored speech you find on terrestrial radio.

Howard has taught me alot about men. The small head always trumps the large head. All men think about all day is getting laid and who they would like to bed. Take Elliott would think that the Governor of NY could keep his dick in his pants while in office....but even the governor thinks more with his small head rather than his large head. The prostitute who is all over the news is only 22 years old....only 3 years older than his daughter. WTF was he thinking? This is the same man who as a District Attorney, prosecuted perps in prostitution rings. Why would he have to pay for sex......using state funds? You reap what you sow and he deserves everything coming to him. WTG Elliott!!

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