Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Flame Has Been Extinguished Forever!

For those of you who may have followed this blog last year, you may recall that I was totally crunching on one of my neighbors in our office building. He was a cute, charming sports agent and moved in in June. He never physically unpacked his boxes. It hit me a few weeks after I met him that this guy was a total player. I could totally see how he could suck in the parents of a prospective NBA player. I introduced him to one of my best male friends and he thought we were dating....farthest thing from the truth...he is CIT's husband. Anyway, I didn't see him at all after that! The office was totally dark and nothing had been unpacked as of last week! We finally saw the marshall come and put a notice on the door. The Flame is being evicted !!!! Bottom line: Slick had not paid rent since the day he and his partner moved in....the developer totally built out the brand new office for him and he did not pay one red cent in return. WTF? A total scam artist. I am so happy my radar was working so the Flame could not suck me into his nasty world. The Flame is officially extinguished as he came in over the weekend and moved his boxes out in the middle of the night. I hope that I never run into him again. Adios you loser!


The Kitchen said...

I had no idea my brother in law was in Atlanta!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

Hey. I haven't been blogging recently due to school. I though about twittering but that would be retarded. Things are going well, i think i want to stay in school forever, even after i graduate.

Atlanta Cougar said...

Kitchen....Your brother in law sounds like a real doozy!