Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kim Zolciak Files For Protective Order Against Publicist Jonathan Jaxson

In the blog, Divine reports that Kim Zolciak has filed for a protective order against her former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, who was also publicist to Michael Lohan and Kim Kardashian. Sounds like a real cat fight to me. Meow! Team Zolciak or Team Jaxson or neither?

"Kim Zolciak, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has filed legal papers asking a judge for a protective order against her former publicist Jonathan Jaxson.
Kim says that he hijacked her website and began trashing her online, according to TMZ.
She says fired him and he then changed all the passwords and began posting items claiming, among other things, she was broke and couldn’t even pay for the website.
Jaxson’s rep tells a different story.
“Jaxson is in fear for his safety and has filed a police report with the Atlanta Police Department after threats were made concerning his well-being by Ms. Zolciak,” his rep tells E! News.
Jaxson filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Kim Feb. 23 for $15,000 in back fees, claiming she had stopped paying his monthly retainer fee, thereby immediately voiding their contract.
Furthermore, Jaxson’s rep says, he owns the website Kim is accusing him of hijacking."


Suburbia Steph said...

What the hell does Michael Lohan or Kim Z. need a publicist for?

Anyway, Z vs. Jaxson, I'm on neither side.

Scandalous Housewife said...

Trailer Park is as Trailer Park does...

Atlanta Cougar said...

Steph and Scandy--- I am with you 100%. Remember it was reported that Kimmie and Michael Lohan were hanging out at the Sundance Film Festival?