Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta Scoop- Kim's Website and Atlanta Panel Discussion

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that three of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield and Lisa Wu Hartwell, held a "panel discussion" at South Dekalb Mall this past weekend. What a fiasco that must have been. I do not even know where South Dekalb Mall is and I live in Dekalb County. Suffice it to say that I am certain that the Housewives have never shopped at South Dekalb Mall.......the high end stores being Express and Payless. However, now that Sheree and Nene may have lost their homes, they may be reevaluating their shopping preferences. Maybe Sheree will have to wear "She by Sheree". It is my understanding that Sheree never did have a show at NY Fashion Week.

In other news, our girl Kimmie's website ( was taken down for alleged non-payment of fees. She states that she fired her PR representative, Jonathan Jaxson, who is also her webmaster. He is the ex PR rep for Kim Kardashian and Michael Lohan. He also suspended MLo's website. See the picture above borrowed from Amy Grindhouse's blog Looks like we have a pattern here, JJ! Jonathan is notorious for a longstanding feud with one of my favorites, Perez Hilton. Sounds like solid sleaze DB factor! He still lists Kim as a client on his website. Kim--- dump JJ and get yourself a solid PR representative. And make sure that Big Poppa gets you a kick ass attorney. I will go Team Zolciak for this debacle.

"More than 250 “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans peppered three of the women with questions Saturday at a Gallery at South DeKalb mall panel discussion.
V-103 host and moderator Ryan Cameron apologized that the discussion started 30 minutes late, blaming it on Sheree Whitfield.
While there wasn’t a huge amount of news, NeNe Leakes (who got the biggest ovation and chants of “NeNe! NeNe!”) said the show’s second season starts shooting today. She also said they are being paid “in the six figures” for doing the show, but wasn’t more specific.
Leakes offered her theory why DeShawn Snow was booted: “You need a bigger-than-life personality. She just didn’t have it.”
None of them knew (or would say) who the fifth housewife was going to be to replace Snow." Atlanta Journal Constitution 2/22/09


Suburbia Steph said...

I thought Usher's wife was gonna be #5...then again, she just had a plastic surgery mishap down in Brazil.

Maybe She by Sheree can be featured at Sears....hey - it's good enough for LL Cool J!

Jenny said...

I hope the new housewife will be Nene's hairdresser, Dwight.