Friday, February 20, 2009

Friendship Performance Reviews, Cutbacks and Layoffs.

When you find your life in turmoil ,as mine has been over the past few months, you discover many things about yourself and also about who your friends really are. In the past few months, I have had to put down two beloved pets, care for my aging mother and father through surgery and alzheimers, respectively. Couple this with a business slowdown in this horrible economic climate and you wonder what can go wrong next.

I couldn't have made it through these trials and tribulations without the support and love of my friends. I have some really great friends whom I have mentioned on my blog. They were there for me, holding me hand, comforting me, crying with me, drinking mass quantities of wine with me, cooking for me and just being available and loving. You know who you are and I love you so much! A million thank yous!

On the other side of the coin, you find out who aren't your true friends. In this time of cutbacks and layoffs, I have decided to cut back/cut off/terminate my friendship with certain people. These are the fair weather friends...... faux friends........phonier than a faux Chanel handbag. They are there when you are having a party. They are there when you invite them to concerts. They are there when you take them out to dinner and drinks. They are there when you travel and you bring them along because you have a comped hotel room, food and drinks. They are there when you go shopping and buy them a present you think they might like for no reason whatsoever. They will call you complaining about their bad husbands, boyfriends and jobs....especially when you are busy at work without regard for what you might be doing and never ask how you are. They try to suck you into their vacuous worlds.

But they are not there when you really need them. They show no compassion, care or concern. It is all about them. These people are total narcissistic takers. I do not need to hang with people like this. I would rather have a select group of true friends rather than a large group of true friends and faux friends.

My advice for the day.....evaluate your friendships from time to time. Sometimes you have to make personal cutbacks. Throw out the faux friends like you would the trash. It is cleansing and good for the soul.

Adios, faux friends......I feel so much better without you!


Suburbia Steph said...

Right on! I've been there, done that, and could write a book on the subject. Life is too short and far too precious to have wasters like that around!


Jenny said...

Faux friends disguised as real friends are the hardest to stomach...

Atlanta Cougar said...

Steph and Jenny- It is so cleansing to get those losers out of my life...kinda like Biore pore strips for the soul.

Mrs. M. said...

of course im sorry to hear about everything especially losing your dogs. that's heartbreaking!