Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Atlanta Cougar Heading to Las Vegas for some R&R

I haven't posted in about a week and I have so much to report!! The best news of the week is that I am heading to Las Vegas on Thursday night with one of my partners in crime, Spine Doc. We have traveled together many times and as you know, you must be compatible with whomever you travel or your trip will be ruined. She loves to drink, party and have fun so she is a great choice for the Vegas trip. Spine Doc hasn't been to Vegas in 16 years so she will be on sensory overload. I plan to drink, eat and gamble...probably in that order as I don't have much $$$ to flush down the casino toilets. Ofcourse there will be alot of flirting with hot men......a man throwing the dice at a craps table is a major turn on. I am counting down the minutes until Thursday night.

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inexactscience said...

Rest and relaxation in sin city. You're kidding right? Enjoy!