Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tabloid Stories...Jen and John married? Having a baby? What do you believe?

Hello, my name is Atlanta Cougar and I am a magazinaholic.....I subscribe to the following: People, Star, Entertainment Weekly, Us, Vanity Fair, Atlanta Magazine, Lucky, Self, Shape, Essence, ESPN and probably a few others I can't recall. This is down from my subscription last year. I read these magazines as a guilty pleasure and to take my mind off of my own issues when possible. Magazines are part of my nightly insomnia ritual. You can ask me about any Hollywood star or starlet and I will dish on the latest gossip. As a slave to fashion, I love to read about clothing, shoes, handbags and the latest trends.

Sometimes the tabloids go too far..... as do the papparazzi.....look at these conflicting magazine covers....OK says that Jen and John (Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer) are married and Star says that Jen is carrying John's love child. Who are their sources? According to Perez Hilton, Jen's publicist denies both stories. There has to be some degree of truth here.

I hope that Jen is happy......she certainly deserves to be after Angelina Jolie stole her husband, Brad Pitt. However, Jen should tread cautiously as the tabloids always describe John Mayer as a womanizing man whore.

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