Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who is in Your Fave Five? Remind Them ASAP !!

Tonight I received some news you do not ever want to hear. My friend X, the husband of my very dear friend the "Saint" called me tonight to let me know that the Saint is in the hospital with a brain tumor. What? Am I dreaming? I was just with X and the Saint at the Crosby Still & Nash concert Saturday night and on the previous Friday night, we were at the Boyz II Men/Morris Day & the Time concert. X related that the Saint was having some headaches. She went to her doctor on Monday and he sent her for a Cat Scan on Tuesday. Today he called her into the office for the results. The Cat Scan revelaed a 5x7 centimeter tumor on her brain above the right ear lobe. The tumor had actually moved her brain. you think what they say about cell phone usage is true? By 6 pm this evening when X called, the Saint was checked into a nearby hospital getting ready for an MRI. She had already met with a neurosurgeon. By tomorrow morning, they will have a game plan and surgery is a 100% sure thing.

The Saint has a little boy who will turn 1 next week and a 3 year old girl. I was there the day she was born. The Saint and I met in 1997 when she, as the director of company affairs for a n international corporation, sponsored the first big "event" for a charity I founded which is still thriving today. We bonded immediately over our combined dislike of one of the bitches in the non-profit circle. The Saint was at the epicenter of the society and non-profit circles for many years until she had her first child. She has been to the Grammys, the Emmys, every sought after ticket and event in Atlanta, NY and Hollywood. As X did not like to attend many of these events, the Saint would invite me to go with her. She is totally unaffected by all of her time in the spotlight and is above all of the superficial bullshit that many in these circles espouse....she was in it for the good....not for self-promotion like the women on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, after I saw the preview for the Housewives, she was the first person I called to dish. She personally knows every VIP in Atlanta society and charitable circles and does not know one of the housewives. We laughed about this over the weekend.

I am digressing but I am so upset, numb and sad. The Saint is in my Fav Female Five together with CIT, Real Estate Expert, Georgetown BFF and PR Queen. I lost the #1 in my Fav Five two years ago to an eleven year battle with breast cancer. I cannot bear the thought of having to lose someone else in my Fav Five......these are your friends that you know you would like to sit next to in your hoveround when you are unable or too lazy to walk.....way down the road.

Message and life lesson: Call your Fav Five today and remind them that they are in Fav Five. Life is so never know when it will throw you a curve ball, all in the snap of your fingers. Please pray for the Saint and her family. You would love her too.


A Dating Diary said...

I am so sorry to hear about this!! Thats awful! I hope everything has worked out since you posted this. There is nothing worse than losing a close friend to something like this. I'll be looking for an update!!

Atlanta Cougar said...

Thanks! She still has not gone under the knife. I hope to update tomorrow.