Monday, August 4, 2008

Good and Plenty....the candy

I have no idea what precipitated this craving but on Saturday I just had to have Good & Plenty. I am normally not a big sweets eater. I stopped by my neighborhood CVS and bought 2 boxes. on the way home from my mani/pedi. For those of you who haven't tried G&P, it is black licorice candy coated in pink and white. Actually, if you go to the movies and want to pig out, G&P goes great with popcorn.....something about the salty and the sweet combination.
After polishing off overdosing on both boxes this weekend, I have had my fill of G&P for a while....but have decided to incorporate the metaphor into my life and maybe you might want to do the same.....may your life be good and plentiful....filled with good friends, good health, happiness and alot of cash. Sometimes you gotta take the salty and the sweet but hopefully, the combination will work in your favor and leave a good taste in your mouth!

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